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  Posted by: Dental Design      14th July 2021

ITI Congress 2021 presents dedicated dental nurse programme


The ITI Congress UK & Ireland 2021 will cater for the entire dental implant team. As part of the comprehensive educational programme is a day dedicated solely to dental nurses. Presented by well-respected professionals in the field and covering a spectrum of interesting topics, this will be an ideal opportunity for dental nurses across the UK to update their knowledge and see for themselves what the ITI has to offer.

The programme has been designed by a team of highly experienced dental implant nurses, including Amy Thomas – dental nurse at The Dental Implant Clinic in Bath. She offers her thoughts on how the programme was put together:

“The dental nurses’ programme is practical- and lecture-based to provide a well-rounded learning experience. We will start with the basics of implant dentistry, such as what they are and who is suitable, and a Straumann representative will share the history of implants. The idea is to provide some of the background information that dental nurses are not typically taught, broadening their knowledge of what they’re doing and why, as well as how they can further assist the dentist and the patient.”

Dental nurses will learn more about impressions and how conventional techniques are being replaced by digital processes. There will also be a recap of practical dental implant nursing skills, the importance of sterility, gowning techniques and the dental nurse’s role in the future. Amy continues:

“Uniquely, dental nurses will get the chance to place an implant in a piece of bone themselves. This will help them understand the complexity of the surgery, the drill sequence and how they can support the dentist when treating patients. We will also look at sharpening instruments and the various other processes involved. We hope this will be as fun as it is educational for dental nurses.”

In addition to the lectures and hands-on sessions, the ITI Congress will provide an opportunity for dental nurses to meet like-minded colleagues and network with professionals from throughout the profession. Amy adds:

“Many dental nurses sit in the same surgery every day working with one dentist for several years. There isn’t much opportunity to see different techniques as you focus on the methods preferred by that dentist. Attending an event like the ITI Congress enables dental nurses to speak to others in a similar position, to share experiences and stories and learn about other ways of working. Even simple things like tips on improving posture can make a massive difference to individuals who may not have realised that there are solutions available to make their work more comfortable.”

As part of the leadership team building the ITI Congress for 2021, Rajan Patel highlights the ITI community as a major positive of both the event and the membership:

“The leadership team wanted to make learning and networking opportunities for dental nurses – and hygienists and therapists – a big part of the Congress. It is important to recognise all members of the implant team and provide a platform for those in each role to progress in their career. This programme offers a solid start for a long and successful journey in dental implantology, which we hope to further develop within the ITI over the coming years. Amy and the team are at the forefront of dental nurse education, able to pass their experience onto colleagues and helping to develop the next generation of implant dental nurses.

“The community and support aspect of the ITI is really important to us and a valuable asset of ITI membership. It is a global community built on friendship and a shared desire to maximise quality standards across the globe. We all need to interact with colleagues to discuss concerns, share problems and find solutions. In combining programmes for dentists and dental nurses in one event, we are encouraging integration within the implant team and highlighting the value of the dental nurse.

“Teamwork is essential for excellent treatment outcomes and patient care. The dental nurse impacts the efficiency of oral surgery, facilitates the patient journey and supports exceptional communication. They are often approached by patients with questions or queries, which they relay back to the dentist for more holistic and comprehensive care. A collaborative approach is crucial for successful implant treatment in the modern profession.”

Commenting on the benefits of attending the ITI Congress UK & Ireland this October, Amy adds:

“The programme has been designed specifically with dental nurses in mind. All the speakers are normal dental nurses – hard-working and talented professionals who are in practice every day. They will, therefore, provide a very relatable experience for delegates. The event will also be a fantastic opportunity to meet with friends and colleagues and enjoy all the social aspects that we have been deprived of for so long. As a dental nurse, being able to attend an implant event with dedicated education and the chance to really get involved is very special.”

Plus, we cannot forget the Straumann sponsored party on Friday night – always one for the books, this year’s event is shaping up to be even better than ever.

So, if you are a dental nurse looking to enhance your knowledge and confidence in dental implantology, don’t miss the ITI Congress UK & Ireland 2021 in Edinburgh this October!

 ITI Congress UK & Ireland 2021

Partnered by Straumann

October 1-2 2021, Edinburgh


For more information, or to register for your place, please visit

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