Could leasing your decontamination equipment be a good option for you?

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  Posted by: Dental Design      8th December 2021

It’s no understatement to say that the past year or so has been a trying time for dental practices. Closing during the first lockdown has had long-reaching repercussions, and if you factor in the tighter infection control measures that have made it very difficult to treat the same volume of patients as before the pandemic, it’s easy to see why some practices have seen a substantial fall in revenue.

As such, it’s a good idea to think outside the box and explore alternative, more flexible options to what you currently have in place. For example, why not look at leasing decontamination equipment? There are many potential benefits of taking this approach:

A more flexible option

Arguably the biggest advantage of leasing your decontamination systems is that it allows for greater flexibility in a number of different areas. For starters, when leasing equipment, you are not tied to a particular system beyond your terms of lease as you haven’t purchased it. This means that you can easily upgrade or try a different model if your initial choice isn’t fulfilling your requirements, or if you simply think an alternative piece of equipment would be better suited to your practice once your contract is over.

There’s also the financial aspect to consider – with leasing you usually pay a tailored monthly fee that will suit the available cash flow of your practice, meaning that there are always options even when revenue is restricted. This payment plan is often determined by what model of decontamination equipment you want to lease, though this is usually adjustable to suit your needs, giving you access to systems that may not be affordable in a lump sum but are easily accommodated with smaller, monthly payments.

Save on taxes

In many cases, leasing equipment is tax deductible. Not only is this another reason why leasing equipment is good from a financial point of view, but it also means that professionals can still experience the benefits of having a state-of-the-art piece of equipment without having to pay the full cost. When purchasing equipment outright, there are taxes applied.

Budgeting made easy

Leasing equipment can easily help you budget more wisely for the future. With tax deductible monthly payments, you can plan ahead more efficiently as you can better predict likely expenditures. These fixed payments are also not subject to any fluctuations in interest rate, meaning that as the rate of inflation increases, you are getting a better and better deal because your monthly costs will remain the same. In the current, unpredictable climate, this is a huge benefit as it helps you gain peace of mind by giving you tighter control of your finances in the long-run.

Another interesting consideration is how, by choosing this option, you will have capital to spend in other areas of your practice as well. Running a successful practice means continually investing in new areas and reaching out and grabbing new opportunities. By saving on your equipment, you can explore new avenues and invest any free cash into other areas instead.

Convenience from the word go

In modern dentistry, convenience is key. Dental practices these days are about so much more than just providing an exceptional level of care, and now dentists must consider myriad different aspects of business management, marketing and other areas.

Any way to simplify life in the practice is highly beneficial as this frees up time for the other aspects that need to be monitored and managed. By leasing your decontamination equipment, you can benefit from convenient, straightforward system maintenance and servicing.

The comprehensive lease plans from Eschmann are an exceptional choice for professionals who want a more flexible approach. Available in 36-, 60- and 84-month terms, each of these lease options also incorporate Eschmann’s exceptional Care & Cover contract.

This includes:

  • Annual Validation & Pressure Vessel Certification
  • Annual Service & Software Upgrade
  • Unlimited Breakdown Cover
  • Unlimited Eschmann Parts & Labour
  • Nationwide On-Site Support
  • Enhanced CPD User Training
  • Technical Telephone Support

Together, these benefits ensure that your system has the most effective protection possible.

An alternative that benefits you

Depending on your practice’s circumstances, leasing your decontamination equipment can be a very smart move. Plus, by choosing to lease equipment from a market-leading company who also provides exceptional cover, you can completely remove the stress of maintenance and reap the financial benefits of a more flexible and reliable arrangement.


For more information on the highly effective and affordable range of infection control products from Eschmann, please visit or call 01903 875787

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