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  Posted by: Dental Design      28th January 2022

Dental nurses perform numerous tasks within their role – from liaising with patients, to supporting the dentists – dental nurses demonstrate their importance all day, every day.  

One of the most essential tasks is caring for patients, especially when it concerns the elderly, who may need that extra bit of consideration. Attending the dentist can be nerve-wracking for some, so dental nurses are there to provide support, guidance and advice, helping to soothe those who are nervous and make the experience positive and proactive.

Here at Colosseum Dental UK, we believe that dental nurses should feel appreciated for all their constant hard work – that’s why we have an abundance of career opportunities available, as well as plenty of additional benefits. We understand that when our dental nurses are happy, our patients are happy.

More than just a friendly face

There are approximately 8,769,122 over 70s in the UK,[i] which means that dental nurses will encounter plenty of elderly patients in day-to-day practice. However, there may be barriers that prevent some elderly patients from attending regular appointments and maintaining their oral health, such as dental anxiety.[ii] How do dental nurses help combat this issue?  

Researchiii has shown that bad personal experiences and negative perceptions of dental treatment contribute to these feelings of anxiety. Because dental nurses see and speak to patients, they can help create an encouraging atmosphere, alleviating any concerns and keeping them informed on any procedures or treatments the patient may be undergoing. By building a trusting relationship with elderly patients, dental nurses will become a familiar, friendly face – this may help to lessen any nervousness, and could help older patients feel confident when attending regular appointments.

The General Dental Council state that dental nurses can develop additional skills in oral health education, and oral health promotion.[iii] This would prove immensely beneficial to all patients, but especially to the elderly. Studies[iv] have shown that the risks of caries, periodontal disease and tooth loss are more prevalent amongst older patients – such issues can cause a decrease in the quality of life and general wellbeing, so ensuring that elderly patients are well-looked after is paramount. Being able to answer any questions with friendly and relevant advice will not only ease concerns, but also help share fundamental oral health tips and tricks.

At Colosseum Dental UK, we support any additional skills that our dental nurses wish to undertake. Alongside this, we provide ample opportunities for continuous professional development, as well as GDC membership and indemnity fees paid for. We recognise that dental nurses are crucial for maintaining an optimistic atmosphere in all dental practices, so we’ve invested millions in refurbishing and modernising our clinics. We hope that the entire dental team and, of course, our patients, can see that we’re dedicated to making their experience as comfortable as possible. We’re happy to say that we provide ultramodern clinical facilities for our dental teams, which will help create a driven and dynamic working environment.

What else can Colosseum Dental UK do for you?

Dental nurses support so many patients in day-to-day practice, so it’s no wonder that they may encounter some challenges.

Alongside secure hours with flexible working options, a chance to work across a range of dental specialisms and optimal standards of clinical governance, we offer additional benefits for you to enjoy in your personal time. These include a discounted gym membership, a holiday purchase scheme and your birthday day off, so you can treat yourself – and those you love! – every now and then.

Caring for patients, especially those who need it most, is one of the most gratifying aspects of being a dental nurse. Here at Colosseum Dental UK, we care more about training, developing and supporting our dental nurses, so they can feel empowered to be the very best versions of themselves when caring for our patients.


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