Covid-19 Inquiry Dental Alliance (CIDA) established


  Posted by: Dental Design      15th March 2022

Following the long-awaited Government announcement of the draft terms of reference for the forthcoming public enquiry into the COVID 19 pandemic, FTA Law is delighted to announce the creation of the Covid-19 Inquiry Dental Alliance (CIDA).

The Alliance has been launched in order to give the opportunity for professionals from across the dental industry in England and Wales to have their voice heard as part of the forthcoming Inquiry and brings together representatives from key disciplines including Practice Owners, Associates, Practice Managers, Hygienists, Therapists, Technicians and Dental Nurses.

A Steering Committee comprising selected individuals, trade-bodies and organisations from each key area has been set up with a view to representing as broad a spectrum of the dental industry as possible. FTA Law and Sam Karim QC are on behalf of the Alliance preparing an official application to be the appointed representatives of the Alliance at the Inquiry upon its commencement.

The Alliance will be inviting further parties to join the Steering Committee and details of existing and new representatives will be published in due course alongside further details of how all interested parties within the dental sector can provide their valuable input into the evidence that is ultimately going to be presented to the Inquiry.  The CIDA website has gone live today setting out the Mission Statement of the Alliance and contact details can be found there for anyone wishing to know more.

Managing Director of FTA Law, Thomas Coates, comments: “Since the possibility of a Public Inquiry into the pandemic was first raised in mid-2021 we have had mind to the fact that the pandemic has affected all aspects of dentistry in myriad different ways. The purpose of the Inquiry is to examine what happened, why did it happen and how can we ensure that we are better prepared in the event of it happening again. To that end, it seemed to us paramount that all interested parties from within the dental sector are given the opportunity to have their voices heard. The formation of an all-encompassing alliance comprising respected, influential, experienced and expert representatives from across the sector seems the obvious way to achieve that and we are heartened by the expressions of support we have received to date.  Solicitors Lindsay Dixon and Sarah Buxton of FTA Law together combine vast experience of the dental sector and dispute resolution and alongside Sam Karim QC, a specialist in Health and Social Care, Public Law, National and International Arbitration they comprise a formidable team worthy of representing the Alliance and the wider dental sector in giving evidence to the Inquiry on these most sensitive and vital of issues.”

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