Natasha Donnelly guides ADI Team Programme 2022

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  Posted by: Dental Design      2nd April 2022

Alongside Julia Wilson and Fiona Sandom, Natasha Donnelly was part of a sub-committee to design the Team Programme for the ADI Team Congress 2022. She comments:

“The term ‘DCP’ encompasses so many different roles in dentistry, including dental hygienists and therapists, practice managers, dental technicians and dental nurses. It is important to have these voices come together to make events relevant and enjoyable to all. Different roles in practice are looking for different things from events that the ADI hosts and I think we have achieved the objectives of team members in being able to work on the 2022 programme as a new dedicated sub-committee.

“I hope delegates will take away new ideas that will help improve their practice and their team, as well as helping them better appreciate the importance of every role in the dental implant patient journey.”

About membership Natasha adds:

“ADI membership provides a great chance for progression in the dental implant field, along with a chance to join other members who are as passionate about this topic.”

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ADI Team Congress 2022

“The Great Debate”

26-28 May 2022, Manchester Central


ADI members will be able to attend the ADI Team Congress for discounted rates

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