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  Posted by: Dental Design      9th April 2022

When it comes to career progression, continued learning is key. The expansion of knowledge and skills is fundamental for professional development, enabling individuals to push themselves and fulfil their potential. Modern professionals are also somewhat spoilt for choice. There is no end to the training courses and learning opportunities available to all members of the dental team. You need only identify disciplines of interest to you and there will be several possible pathways to follow.

For example, you might consider moving into orthodontics to expand your capabilities. You may decide to focus on tooth whitening or another cosmetic dental field. Alternatively, you might choose to go a completely different way and add dental implants to your armamentarium. In all these areas, with the right training and support, you can deliver safe and effective treatment to a variety of patients. In doing so, you can meet the growing demand for these treatment modalities among the population. This means happier patients who are more likely to promote your practice through recommendations to family and friends.

The same can be said of those professionals who choose to offer facial aesthetic procedures. Demand for non-surgical procedures is showing no signs of slowing, with drivers such as social media steering public perceptions and promoting ‘tweakments’. Modern techniques, technologies and products give people access to the subtle aesthetic results they seek in a quick and pain-free way. Evolution of the procedures and concepts have also led to reduced healing times and more affordable treatments. Plus, widespread endorsement and discussion by respectable individuals in all walks of life have made many solutions more acceptable for more people.

It’s no secret that dentists are ideally-positioned to provide these solutions. Your knowledge of and clinical training on the facial anatomy ensure you have the clinical understanding required to deliver safe treatment and effectively manage any complications that could arise.

As such, the provision of facial aesthetics offers dental practices huge potential for increased patient satisfaction and revenue. Many private patients will appreciate facial aesthetics alongside cosmetic dental work to really perfect their appearance. It therefore makes solutions like botulinum toxin or dermal fillers complementary add-on treatments to comprehensive dental treatment plans. In the long-term, successful provision of popular facial aesthetic procedures will support if not spearhead business growth.

Given the massive potential for this field to benefit dental professionals, the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show (BDCDS) 2022 will once again dedicate an entire theatre to the topic. Leading professionals in the area will take to the podium to offer practical advice on everything from training to the implementation of facial aesthetics.

Dr Harry Singh, CEO of The Botulinum Toxin Club (BTC), will be among the highly anticipated speakers. He will be helping delegates to utilise the massive business opportunity available to them by introducing facial aesthetics into their practices.

“I will consider the business of facial aesthetics,” he says, “and discuss how dentists and dental hygienists/therapists can turbo boost their profits from facial aesthetics. I’ll cover the three key pillars in an aesthetics business (or, indeed any dental business) – attracting new patients, converting more patients and retaining existing patients.

“Many dental professionals are unhappy with attracting new facial aesthetic patients. They have invested money and time in getting training in this area, but don’t see the return on investment. They lose confidence and ultimately give up.

“I want to inspire delegates to implement strategies and tactics that will make a dramatic difference to their businesses and increase their revenue from facial aesthetics. 

“The field of facial aesthetics is growing. Your dental patients are asking for these treatments. If you are not providing it, your competitors are – don’t be left out!”

Aside from the Facial Aesthetics Theatre, the BDCDS 2022 will feature an array of learning opportunities for all members of the dental team. A wide spectrum of topics will be covered, with interactive lectures providing the perfect platform for debate and discussion. There will also be an extensive trade exhibition where you can discover the latest products, materials and technologies on the market, with experts on hand to help you maximise your return on investment. Regardless of your clinical interests, previous experience or career ambitions, there will be something for you.

Having attended the BDCDS several times, Harry adds:

“I would definitely encourage professionals to attend this event. We had our best year yet last year, hence our increased presence for 2022.”


The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2022 will be held on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th May, Birmingham NEC, co-located with DTS.

For more information, visit, call 020 7348 5270 or email

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