BSPD provides Ukrainian version of children’s oral care guide


  Posted by: Dental Design      11th April 2022

A new Ukrainian language version of one of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry’s (BSPD) key resources for parents and carers – the BSPD Practical Guide to Children’s Teeth – is now available for free on the BSPD website.

The BSPD Practical Guide to Children’s Teeth was originally issued in 2016 in English and has become a valuable reference to those responsible for ensuring a child in their care has the best possible oral health start in life. 

Now translated for Ukrainian parents and carers of children and young people either in the UK or abroad, the guide covers all aspects of oral healthcare for children from birth to age 16.  It also aims to bust some of the incorrect and sometimes damaging myths about teeth and oral care.

BSPD aiming for dental disease-free generation

With dental decay remaining as one of the most common reasons for a child to be admitted to a hospital in the UK, BSPD is taking positive steps to ensure that the key messages reach more parents from birth. The Society’s aim is for a generation free from dental disease – and this mission is one the Society wants to share with a diverse global community, focusing on those children who are most vulnerable and in need.

The practical guide starts with advice on caring and cleaning your baby’s teeth, dummy usage, food and drink tips and also includes why fluoride is so vital.  It then moves on to cover caring for children’s teeth from age 6-plus up to the emergence of all adult teeth and how a young person should be shown how to take on the responsibility of caring for their teeth for life.  This resource also gives the five golden tips on teeth brushing covering appropriate amounts of fluoride based on age and when and how to brush baby teeth.

Professor Sondos Albadri, President, BSPD said: “We know what a valuable resource our guide to children’s teeth has been since we issued it, and it is important to make it available to help support the oral health of vulnerable children and young people who are particularly in need right now. There will be many health and wellbeing concerns for Ukrainian refugees, and BSPD wants to ensure that easy access to the most essential oral health guidance for infants and children in their care is freely available.”

Professor Claire Stevens CBE, BSPD’s media spokesperson said: “We know there is a myth that baby teeth don’t matter. Baby teeth – or milk teeth – play a key role in holding the space for the second teeth to come through into.  However, baby teeth are much more susceptible to damage and decay because their enamel is thinner than it is in adult teeth. Our guide covers the oral care essentials – and much more – so that all children between the ages of 0 and 16 can have access to a good oral health start in life.”

The new Ukrainian guide is now available alongside the English version in the resources area of the BSPD website – where it’s available for consulting or downloading.

Ukrainian version BSPD Practical Guild to Children’s Teeth

English version BSPD Practical Guide to Children’s Teeth

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