Colosseum Dental employees are OnHand for their local communities

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  Posted by: Dental Design      23rd April 2022

Colosseum Dental have been working with OnHand in recent weeks, and so far, have pledged over 7844 minutes (that’s over 5 full days!) to giving a helping hand within their communities with tasks such as:

  • Dog walking
  • Dropping off food bank deliveries
  • Companionship calls
  • Donating to local clothing & food banks
  • Encouraging time for wellbeing

As Colosseum Dental colleagues are giving back through small acts of kindness, OnHand are themselves giving back, with a pledge to plant trees in regions of the world where their impact will be greatest; helping to support local wildlife, increase important biodiversity and assist global farming communities. So far, the pledges completed by Colosseum Dental UK have contributed 634 trees!

So, what do our Colosseum Dental UK colleagues think of their experience so far?

“OnHand has been a real eye opener in ways I could help not only myself but others around me who don’t have the support they need or long for. It’s been great to reflect on myself sometimes – with life being busy we can forget to take time for ourselves, which is important, so I have enjoyed the wellbeing tasks. I have loved the bird watching with my daughter, and donations to local food banks and clothes banks, it’s nice to know we can help recycle our old things into something new for someone else!”

Danielle Hindley,

Business Development Manager

“I have been trying to make sure I pledge at least 1 hour every couple of days to looking after myself, so taking the time to paint my nails or have a bath without the kids around. As a family we have also done missions like the big bird watch where we looked out into the garden and counted how many different birds we could see and my kids loved it.”

Nina Sullivan,

Practice Manager, Crawley Cluster

”Colosseum introduced me to the OnHand app just one month ago. I am slightly ashamed to say I had never volunteered or done anything like this before. It was daunting at first but after my first few missions the overwhelming sense of purpose takes over! Even after completing the smallest mission, like donating unwanted items! OnHand will show you what help is needed in your area and missions can be completed even on your way home from work or in your lunch break, coaching videos are available to watch before a mission and the support has been great. I am very grateful for the opportunity to finally give something back.😄”

Tasmin Bradley

Practice Manager, Church Hill Dental Clinic

“I think it’s great that you can dip into it at anytime. This means when I’m busy I can really focus on what I’m doing but when I do have that free time I can then look at what impacts I can make. There are lots of different ways to get involved to help others and also to take the time to help yourself as well.”

Chris Thrower

Regional Operations Manager, Region 3

“I have done a variety of missions from charity shop drops, listening to the various sound bites on the app and Dry January – by far the hardest!!! It’s good to feel like you’re doing something which will help others/the environment.”

Sara Glentworth

Head of Mergers & Acquisitions


To find out more about OnHand, and how you can give back to your local community, visit their website here. 


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