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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th May 2022

Are you tired of losing time searching for the right research papers? It’s important to support your clinical practice with up-to-date studies, so having instant access to everything you need could change everything. For a solution, check out the ADI Gateway.

Created by ADI Academic Representative, Professor Nikos Donos, along with a team of clinical academics and experienced clinicians, the ADI Gateway allows makes members’ searches for research and scientific evidence easy and effective, so no more time needs to be lost.

With the goal of simplicity, this platform organises all papers into topics, key areas and common questions, meaning that it’s never been easier for members to find all the papers they require.

To ensure you no longer spend unnecessary time searching, enjoy all the ADI Gateway has to offer.  


To access the ADI Gateway or to join ADI, please visit the website

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