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  Posted by: Dental Design      1st July 2022

The Straumann Charity Bike Ride 2022 will take participants approximately 500 miles in 5 days from Bilbao to Sitges in Spain, raising money for Dentaid. Adrian Beech will be among the riders and is already very familiar with the event, having participated in 3 of the 4 previous charity bike rides. So, why’s he back again?

“The first event (Basel to Crawley) was a real eye-opener and over 6 days we covered more than 600 miles,” he says. “I enjoyed it so much I took part in the two subsequent events. Each one is a masterstroke in organisation, teamwork and mutual support. The rides are the most intense things I’ve ever participated in – but the friendships made on the road genuinely last a lifetime.

“All the while I can still ride a bike, I’m never going to pass up opportunities like these! It gives me the perfect excuse to be selfish and get out on the bike, get fitter and see the countryside.”

A very passionate Adrian shares what kind of  preparation is required to not only complete a task like this, but to enjoy it as much as possible too:

“My previous experiences have taught me that these events respond to technical, physical and mental preparation. A lot of cyclists dream of completing a ‘100-miler’, seeing it as a one-off challenge to aim for. However, when you’re looking at 5 consecutive ‘100-milers’, that takes preparation to another level.

“Technically, you have to know your bike and your body. When you’re part of a team, you don’t want to be the one who has mechanical breakdowns or suffers unnecessary hardships. Plus, you need to know how your body responds to prolonged exercise (and I mean 12 hours a day in the saddle for someone of my build).  

“Physically, it doesn’t get easier – it hurts just as much but you do get fitter and it gets faster. There’s no substitute for hours on the bike when preparing. This can help overcome the mental challenges too. The knowledge that you’ve done it before certainly helps here as well.

“For this year, I’m most looking forward to meeting and riding with old friends, seeing new sights and being completely immersed in the event.”

More than a challenge of endurance and mental stamina, the Straumann Charity Bike Ride 2022 will be raising essential funds for Dentaid. The target is to purchase a new mobile dental unit for the charity to expand the dental care and support it provides to vulnerable communities around the UK. Commenting on why it’s so important to support charities like this, Adrian adds:

“Dentists spend their lives focused on an important part of the body. Dental diseases, especially cancers, can be terribly debilitating. Patients suffer loss of self-confidence, malnutrition and embarrassment, not to mention their pain and suffering. Anything that helps to support these people has to be a good thing!”

If you are able to show your support in any way, please visit Dentists in Lycra 2022 fundraising for Dentaid Ltd on JustGiving. Thank you.



For more details, please speak to your local Straumann representative.



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