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  Posted by: Dental Design      5th July 2022

Dental caries affects a huge number of patients. While improved oral hygiene is key to manage the condition and prevent its development in the future, there are other solutions your patients can utilise.

To protect them from caries, introduce the Curasept Biosmalto Impact Action Mousse, available from J&S Davis. Its unique formula enables rapid remineralisation and helps to prevent any further damage from acid erosion, acid attacks, mechanical abrasion and sensitivity.

The mousse can be applied chairside, offering added value during patient appointments, or they can take a 50ml tube home for continued use. It’s SLS-free and vegan, plus is suitable for patients with a lactose intolerance.

To give your patients better protection from caries now and in the future, discover Curasept Biosmalto Impact Action Mousse from J&S Davis today!


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