The STATIM® B G4+ ­- the autoclave solution for every size practice

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  Posted by: Dental Design      22nd July 2022

We’re all looking for ways to save, to cut costs and reduce waste.

So, imagine a powerful autoclave solution that will save your practice space, time AND resources! That’s saving three ways, with no compromise to safety or performance.

Introducing the STATIM® B G4+, a compact vacuum autoclave that will match bigger machines in every single way.  


Whatever the size of your practice, space is always a precious commodity. Small but perfectly formed, the STATIM® B G4+ with its impressive 6-litre capacity will be more than enough to meet your needs while taking up very little room. Operating instructions are displayed on screen and, with an enhanced documentation mode, including instrument tracking, cycle logging, data storage and traceable load release, there is no need for bulky paper records or manuals, either.


In just 27 minutes, wrapped loads will be reliably processed. Time to go home? The STATIM® B G4+ can be programmed to keep on working after you’ve left. You can also set the chamber to warm before you open in the morning and run test cycles too – this is a flexible solution for every busy practice.

As well as shorter cycles, you can open the drawer easily – with one hand – in order to reprocess 2 cassettes, or up to 12 pouches.

This is an autoclave with improved automation. This means that it has been designed to be intuitive and minimise human input and intervention, leaving you free to get on with other tasks. If you never thought sterilisation could be an art form, the STATIM® B G4+ proves that this is not the case! Infection control workflows can become more efficient – faster and seamless, yet entirely consistent with the high standards of safety that you always strive to maintain.

There are also automatic software updates, plus maintenance reminders, tips and tricks – all integrated into the one unit.

You can fill this autoclave according to personal preference – manually, or automatically. The STATIM® B G4+ has a built-in reservoir, that will hold enough water for 3 cycles, but simply configure it how you wish, for optimal daily use. With a water quality sensor, also an auto-drainage option to reduce build-up of damaging biofilm, this STATIM® B G4+ has the technology to minimise damage and keep it in good working order, without you having to check if it needs emptying, for example.


We all want to do more to protect the environment and need think about how we’re using resources as well as the amount of waste we’re producing. The STATIM® B G4+ operates on a small footprint, and its enhanced digital capabilities also mean you’ll use less electricity but still maintain the highest levels of hygiene. With less paper waste as well as being more energy efficient, this is a solution that can help you keep a better eye on your bills, too.

Available from SciCan, part of the COLTENE group

The SciCan STATIM® B G4+ vacuum autoclave is the latest launch from COLTENE’s infection control range.

COLTENE is the worldwide dental specialist that that manufactures tools and consumables for a range of treatment areas, from infection control to endo and all restorative applications. Alongside SciCan, other award-winning brands in the group include MicroMega, Affinis, BioSonic and HyFlex.

COLTENE wants to upgrade YOUR dentistry – we believe that there is always a way to do things faster, more successfully, comfortably and cheaper too, for better practice. We will help you simplify, cut costs without cutting corners and give all your patients a gold-standard service.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to identify what every dental team needs, to deliver quality care.

It is our mission to save you time and money. We love to harness the power of innovation and offer products with smart features that are both high-tech and user friendly too.

If you want to know more about the SciCan STATIM® B G4+ or how else we can improve your workflows, visit the website or give one of our friendly experts a call today.


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Author: Nicolas Coomber COLTENE  National Account & Marketing Manager

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