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  Posted by: Dental Design      13th August 2022

Many consumers are already becoming more eco-conscious when choosing personal hygiene products, opting for products which use natural ingredients and choosing recyclable packaging. When considering toothpaste, baking soda is a fantastic natural solution for efficient stain removal and whitening, as well as protecting gingiva and overall dental health. Sodium bicarbonate is a natural alkaline, it is also useful for neutralising oral pH – which can increase in acidity when everyday food and drink are consumed. As well as maintaining good oral health, many consumers find importance in using natural ingredients and in considering the environmental impact of the products they use.

Advise your patients on how to make an informed, natural and sustainable choice which will benefit both their oral health, and the environment.

The importance of choosing sustainable products

In the year of March 2020-2021, it was found that many consumers adopted new sustainable practices. This included a rise in people limiting their usage of single use plastic, and choosing brands with environmentally sustainable practices. Studies show that consumers are most likely to make sustainable purchases for household essentials and frequently bought products. When it comes to purchasing everyday household items, such as toothpaste, consumers are more likely to opt for environmentally sustainable products and avoid brands which have single use plastic.[i]

Many consumers are now much more aware of the need to waste less, this includes the more careful choice, use and disposal of products.  With more and more people adopting these ways of thinking, others are encouraged to follow suit.[ii] This is becoming even more important as every year the UK generates over two million metric tons of plastic packaging waste.[iii] Plastic waste can last centuries in landfill as it often does not decompose, and if not disposed of properly it can end up in the natural environment, polluting soils, rivers, and oceans, causing significant harm to wildlife.[iv]

This is why recycling correctly is so vital, and such an important concern for many individuals. Recycling has a range of benefits including reducing the need to grow, harvest, or extract new raw materials, lessening the disruption and damage to the natural environment – less deforestation, air, soil, and water pollution, and less wild animals harmed or displaced. Recycling also saves energy as producing products from recycled materials requires less energy than from raw materials.[v]

Baking soda – the natural choice for toothpaste

Baking soda is a natural solution for oral health care, aiding gums and teeth by neutralising pH and eliminating oral bacteria. Research has found that baking soda has beneficial effects on gingival health,[vi] performing significantly well in reducing gingival inflammation, gingival bleeding, and plaque.[vii] Even though baking soda is not as abrasive as some other toothpaste ingredients, toothpaste containing baking soda is more effective at removing stains and whitening teeth.[viii]

Not only this, but because of its natural alkaline properties, baking soda is a fantastic option for neutralising plaque acids caused by consuming everyday food and drinks. [1] Baking soda is anticariogenic helping to remineralise lesions on the teeth, preventing tooth decay.[2] In addition, studies have shown that baking soda considerably reduces oral bacteria with regular use.[3]

The ability to present a natural alternative to solve some of the most common dental needs will come as a pleasant surprise to your patients, with many consumers holding a preference for products made with naturally occurring ingredients.[4]

The best of both worlds

Recommend natural products to your patients, without compromising on efficiency. When suggesting oral hygiene products, consider taking into account your patients’ needs, both in terms of oral health, and environmental concerns. Many patients will appreciate being informed about a natural option for maintaining oral hygiene.

The new Arm & Hammer™ 100% Natural Baking Soda Toothpaste range is a great option as it targets two of the biggest consumer concerns when choosing toothpaste: whitening and gum protection. Patients are able to enjoy these oral health benefits with the peace of mind that once they’re finished with it, the Arm & Hammer™ 100% Natural Baking Soda range is completely recyclable – including the carton, tube, and cap! Plus, with 1450 ppm of fluoride, the solutions offer lasting protection against caries.

Baking soda toothpaste is a great solution for patients who wish to maintain their gingival health and whiten their teeth without using harsh chemicals. The use of natural ingredients is an ever-growing preference for many consumers, as is the ability to recycle their packaging at home. So, feel confident that suggesting natural and environmentally friendly products to your patients is worthwhile, and often  at times preferable.


For more information about the carefully formulated Arm & Hammer™ toothpaste range, please visit or email: 

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Anne Symons is  a Dental Hygienist currently working in a Specialist  Periodontal/implant practice and also a busy NHS surgery. She has previously worked in a Max Fax unit, and also taught Oral Health  care to staff in Nursing and Residential  homes. Anne is also a Professional Educator for Waterpik.


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