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  Posted by: Dental Design      29th August 2022

Figures published by GOV.UK[i] show “positive signs” that diets are becoming healthier, with sugar consumption in a steady decline since 2008.

However, despite this decline, sugar consumption in children and adults is still too high.

Among all dental professionals, a strong collaborative effort is imperative to ensure that patients are well-equipped to make positive changes in their diet. Hopefully, as a result, these trends in sugar consumption will continue to fall.

The importance of a dental nurse  

When a patient visits the clinic, there are plenty of opportunities for the dental team to interact with them and offer guidance on diet and general oral health. But no-one is in a better position to do this than dental nurses.

After acquiring additional skills in oral health education and promotion, dental nurses can provide important oral hygiene advice for patients. Not only are they in regular face-to-face contact with patients, but they become a familiar and friendly presence during patient appointments and/or treatment.  

Prevention is considered the best way to ensure good oral health in patients, and dental nurses are fully-equipped with the skills needed to educate and remind them about the importance of regular check-ups, proper brushing techniques and, of course, a balanced diet, to name but a few preventative methods.

Despite their vital position, dental nurses have, and continue to, voice their dissatisfaction regarding their roles and many have left the profession as a result.


 Does dissatisfaction around pay, lack of enjoyment/fulfilment and low recognition sound familiar?

These are just some of the reasons why dental nurses are quitting dentistry.[ii] Dental nurses are invaluable to the dental team and to patients, so why aren’t they always treated as such?

Here at Colosseum Dental UK, we recognise how integral dental nurses are within the dental practice. With your increasing responsibilities and continued passion for excellent patient care, we want to thoroughly reward you for your hard work and dedication.

So, what does a career with Colosseum Dental UK look like?

Join the team!

By joining the Colosseum Dental UK team, you’ll be in full control of your career, with some additional benefits added in!

First and foremost, we offer a competitive salary package as well as flexible working options. This not only demonstrates our recognition of your importance, but also helps you balance professional and personal commitments.

To ensure that you work in outstanding facilities, we have invested millions into revamping our clinics and kitting them out with modern equipment and technologies. As a result, our teams are better able to deliver outstanding care, as well as feeling proud to come to work.

The ethos among our team is one of productivity, positivity and proactiveness – we encourage our dental nurses to speak up if they think there’s something we could be doing better. Real change is only possible with your help!

The chance to go further  

Being a dental nurse means you have so many additional skills and areas you can delve into, to progress your career and improve your confidence when at work.

As such, we offer the chance to work across different dental specialisms as well as opportunities for continuous professional development. If you’re looking to explore a new specialism, or move up into management, we are here to make this a reality.

Imagine where you could go with Colosseum Dental UK

For some dental nurses, simply being recognised for their hard work would be a reward enough. But at Colosseum Dental UK, you’re worth far more than that.

Get in touch today to find out where you could go with us.


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