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  Posted by: Dental Design      23rd September 2022

Dentistry Show London is the perfect opportunity to get advice from the industry’s leading experts for ways to improve your life in practice. Lauren Long is a dental therapist with 14 years of experience. For the past 10 years, she has been working exclusively in private practice in Edinburgh, whilst supporting other dental hygienists and therapists to help them use their skills and achieve the best possible working environment.

She will be speaking at this year’s Dentistry Show London, providing expert insight into how best to utilise dental therapists in your practice. She tells us of what we can expect from her session:

“My session entitled ‘Dental Therapy: Unleashing the hidden potential in the practice’ will enable dental professionals to understand how they can utilise the skillset of a dental therapist to benefit patients and the practice, supporting them as a team.”

Dental therapists have an incredibly useful and wide-reaching set of skills, which may allow your practice to see more patients while still providing comprehensive care. She explains the value of utilising dental therapists for the benefit of all aspects of the dental practice, particularly important as we see many patients return for dental treatment:

“As we see rising demand for dental treatment across the UK, it is important to consider how practices can increase access to care. With around 4,000 dental therapists currently on the GDC register, this is an untapped workforce that could provide restorative treatment to many extra patients.

“I hope delegates will learn how, by introducing protocols to streamline patient care, practices can integrate dental therapy while becoming more productive and profitable.”

Dentistry Show London is a fantastic opportunity for passionate dental professionals to discuss important topics, and create real change. The entire dental team can get involved, with a range of topics up for discussion to suit everyone’s interests. This event is also a great opportunity for the dental team to gain CPD, as well as getting inspired at the exhibition. A fantastic opportunity for all. Lauren shares in this excitement, adding:

“I am excited to speak at Dentistry Show London alongside a line-up of renowned and respected professionals. It promises to be a great weekend for the entire dental team.”

Join us on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October this year for what is set to be a dynamic and informative event. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the exhibition and discover the latest developments in dentistry, and hear from leading expert speakers, sharing their knowledge and advice for navigating dentistry.


Dentistry Show London will be held on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October 2022, ExCel London.

Visit london.dentistryshow.co.uk for more information

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