Washer disinfectors from Eschmann: enhancing your infection control

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  Posted by: Dental Design      4th October 2022

In a modern dental practice, streamlining the way you work is often a top priority. By facilitating certain tasks, you can reduce the strain on your staff and free up time to see more patients, boosting your revenue and ensuring that more people benefit from your care.

A washer disinfector is an excellent way to help facilitate your infection control procedures. These systems bring a number of benefits, not only saving time for you and your team but also helping to minimise the chance of cross-contamination and injury during instrument processing.

Finding the right washer disinfector for you will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your practice and the average number of patients you treat per day. Eschmann has two different washer disinfector models available, both of which have been designed to suit the needs of practices with different requirements. All washer disinfectors from Eschmann provide reproducible, validated cleaning and disinfection, and are a proven and effective way to help remove proteins and other contaminants before sterilisation in an autoclave.

SciCan Hydrim C61 WD Benchtop Washer Disinfector

Designed for smaller dental practices where space is at a premium, the Hydrim C61 WD benchtop washer disinfector is the world’s most advanced unit of its size, boasting a number of features that ensure it is a trusted choice for professionals across the nation.

Operation is simple, and the unit has a dedicated dental cycle that is validated to HTM01-05 and SDCEP guidelines, achieving heavy duty cleaning, disinfection and drying in under an hour.* The system can accommodate 120 instruments per cycle, and has inbuilt double spray arm and pressure drop monitoring so that you can ensure it is functioning properly every time.

With washer disinfectors, water quality makes a big difference, especially as hard water can impact the efficacy of systems and the resulting clean. The Hydrim C61 WD benchtop washer disinfector includes a built-in water softener and a connection for Reverse Osmosis (RO) water for a final rinse when required. Plus, the system is WRAS approved and can be run on mains cold water alone, making it a convenient option for all.

Miele PG8581 Underbench Washer Disinfector

The most popular washer disinfector solution from Eschmann, the PG8581 underbench washer disinfector is a large capacity, free-standing solution that has configurations specifically designed for dental practices.

Its dental cycle is fully validated and compliant to HTM01-05 and SDCEP guidelines, and achieves exceptional cleaning, disinfection and drying in under an hour.* The unit can accommodate up to 360 instruments per cycle and performs reproducible results with its validated two-part detergent and rinse aid system, saving your staff hours of manual cleaning with just the push of a button.

Everyday operation is simple, and the system includes a built-in water softener, easy access door mounted salt containers and an auto-close door with automatic locking to ensure chamber integrity. The PG8581 is WRAS approved and also includes an eco-drying feature that ensures energy efficiency.

Optional spray arm monitoring is available at request and for no extra charge, and the system comes with a free Little Sister Autolog (also an optional extra for the Hydrim C61 WD benchtop washer disinfector) that automatically records all cycles in real time. This saves you time by enabling easy cycle sign-off as well as providing ultimate peace of mind that your system is compliant. It also guarantees that you have all the necessary cycle data for any official inspections.  

Protect your purchase

All washer disinfectors from Eschmann can be protected by our outstanding Care & Cover service offering. With no hidden charges, this includes complete breakdown cover and regular maintenance, as well as unlimited Eschmann parts and labour, support from our nationwide team of engineers, technical telephone support and more. It also includes enhanced CPD user training to ensure that all professionals who operate the equipment are confident and compliant.

*All times depend on the size of the load


For more information on washer disinfectors from Eschmann, please visit www.eschmann.co.uk/dental-health-solutions/dental-washer-disinfectors/ or call 01903 875787


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