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  Posted by: Dental Design      25th October 2022

Vicky Jefferies, Area Manager for Rodericks Dental, shares her career journey so far and offers some advice for others considering a similar professional pathway:  

“I started my working life washing up in a pub, where I worked up to bar supervisor when I was 18 years old. I then worked in a health spa for 5 years, becoming a specialist therapist, before moving into the retail side of the beauty business. Next up was the car industry, where I became an IT system trainer, before I took time out to have a baby. I joined dentistry when I came back to work as a part-time receptionist. I later qualified as a dental nurse and then became a practice support manager and lead dental nurse, following my interests in management. I joined Rodericks Dental in 2016 as a single site practice manager, upskilling to dual-site management coaching new practices managers in their roles as well. By 2018, I was an area support manager and in 2019 I took on the area manager role.

“I have always had great support from everyone in Rodericks Dental, including a huge amount of support from my own manager, Verity Hills. I spoke to Dawn Farrell (COO) about my career ambitions when I joined and have put forward whenever a relevant opportunity came up. You can ask the leadership team for so much help. There is a clear focus on career progression and building skills. Rodericks understands that everyone has different skillset and they prioritise those. You have to put the work in, but if you have the passion and motivation, they will take you wherever you want to.

”My advice for others looking to develop their own careers would be to figure out what areas you enjoy and where you want to go – there are many options for dental nurses! Then make sure you share your interests with your manager(s) so they can help you advance, offer advice and put you forward for opportunities. It’s just about being proactive in your self-development and knowing where you want to go. Rodericks provides a great support network. I’ve worked with many companies to compare and I don’t think you could ask for better support for your career development than here. Want a great career? Come to Rodericks!”

For more information on the career opportunities available at Rodericks, please visit www.rodericksdentalcareers.co.uk,

or contact Ashley Lillyman at recruitment@rodericksdental.co.uk or on

01604 970988 (option 1)


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