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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th November 2022

It is November and, along with bonfire night, that means Mouth Cancer Awareness Month, a campaign which, as the name suggests, helps raise awareness of mouth cancer. But even better, smack in the middle of the campaign is Blue Wednesday, which is a fun, positive promotion that encourages everyone to wear blue lips as a visible sign of support for mouth cancer. So, whether you choose cartoon lips in the #BlueLipSelfie app, blue lipstick, or plastic lips, you can helps boost awareness of this disease.

Anybody can take part in the Blue Lip Selfie campaign, male or female, young or old. All you need to do is take a selfie-it can be of just you or you and your family, friends or colleagues, and upload to the official blue lip selfie gallery at You can even customise your selfies on the microsite, with fun blue cartoon lips!

Failing that, you can take a photo of yourself wearing blue lipstick or blue plastic lips and post your pic to the gallery or share on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #BlueLipSelfie.

The aim is to use the hashtag #bluelipselfie not only to help raise awareness but also send the campaign viral and encourage others to show their support for mouth cancer. But I have not got blue lipstick I hear you cry! Well, help is at hand because according to the Oral Health Foundation blue is the new red! (Well, for November at least!). So, head to their shop and pick up a Blue Lipstick or/and a pack of Blue Lips. I know times are hard, but they are only £2.50, and they are a terrific way to support a charity and raise awareness of the condition. If lipstick is not your thing, then try their Retro Plastic Lips (like the ones you get in crackers) not only are they a great alternative, but they also mean you can still participate in the campaign!

The Blue Lip promotion also serves as a good reminder for us to encourage our patients to check their lips! It is easy, they just need to follow these steps:

  1. Pull down the lower lip & look for any sores or change in colour
  2. Use their thumb & index finger to feel the lips for lumps or changes in texture.

If they are in doubt about anything they find, then get it checked out & if all is well then a good preventative measure is to slather on some SPF lip balm and protect their lips against the elements. For more information visit

Finally, this is a fantastic opportunity for fundraising so, why not sponsor your friends, family, and colleagues to wear blue lipstick for a day, week or even the whole month? Whatever you decide to do, put on your best blue smile and be part of something huge to get everybody talking not only about mouth cancer but also lip cancer.

About the Author:
Ali Lowe is an award-winning dental hygienist based in Cardiff and has worked in both private & NHS practice as well as the Orthodontic department of Cardiff Dental School. Her interest in helping patients both before and after cancer diagnosis began following enrolment on Victoria Wilsons Smile Revolution course and the development of Fit Lip UK – a campaign aimed at encouraging people to wear SPF lip balm in order to protect their lips, prevent lip cancer & keep their mouth healthy. Ali volunteers for the Mouth Cancer Foundation, has had several articles published in both the dental and public press, is actively involved in the BSDHT and is on the publications committee of Dental Health (the hygienist & therapist journal). Ali is fervent about raising awareness of mouth cancer (in particular lip cancer), its side effects and the importance of continuing care.

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