What makes Colosseum Dental UK a great place to work?

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  Posted by: Dental Design      20th December 2022

A career as a dental nurse can open up a world of exciting opportunities for development. A working environment which inspires growth and actively encourages career progression is crucial for you to fulfil your potential. Being career driven shouldn’t mean you lose out on your free time, either. At Colosseum Dental UK we offer a healthy culture and a supportive dental team to help you achieve your goals.

Prioritising your work-life balance

After a particularly challenging couple of years in dentistry, it’s no surprise that many people are feeling burnt out and uninspired in their work.[i] Dental nurses are a vital part of the dental team, so it’s important that you feel valued in your dental practice – and an encouraging team can enhance your work experience, and help you to excel in your career.[ii] If you’re not receiving sufficient support in your current practice, it may be time for a change.

Colosseum Dental UK understands the importance of a good work-life balance. That’s why we offer our dental nurses secure hours with flexible working options to help you accommodate personal commitments. We also provide your birthday day off and holiday purchase scheme for added flexibility. If you’re looking to further your career, while working around your personal life, Colosseum Dental is a fantastic choice.

Career progression with Colosseum Dental

There are many potential pathways for career progression as a dental nurse. Your in-depth knowledge of dentistry, alongside your interpersonal skills not only make you a valuable member of the dental team, but also the perfect candidate for many leadership roles. Colosseum Dental recognises this unique potential and will support you should you wish to move into a role as a lead dental nurse, practice manager, or dental nurse trainer. The proactive, supportive culture at Colosseum Dental will benefit you and help you to provide the best possible care to your patients.

We also give our dental nurses the opportunity to work alongside dentists across multiple specialisms. This could be a great way to expand your clinical knowledge of dentistry and give you the ability to oversee the care of an even wider variety of patients, reassuring them every step of the way. You may also feel that training in preventative dentistry is right for you. For example, learning how to apply fluoride gel to patients (under the prescription of a dentist) and advise them on improving oral hygiene, diet and smoking cessation if necessary.[iii] At Colosseum Dental we provide our dental nurses with an array of training opportunities for those looking to expand their skillset.

Good working environment

When you join the team at Colosseum Dental UK you can expect a healthy and supportive work environment, excellent clinical facilities and all the resources you need to help you feel more confident and motivated. When you’re surrounded by professionals who have ambition and a good work ethic, you’ll feel inspired to take pride in your work.[iv]

Colosseum Dental is a certified Great Place to Work. We offer our dental nurses career progression opportunities, a network of expertise, and plenty of support to help our dental nurses fulfil their potential.[v] We are passionate about providing our dental nurses with a fantastic work environment, and we measure this through their HALO policy (Happy, Action, Listening, and Opportunities).[vi] We want our dental nurses to feel good about coming to work every day, with the knowledge you will always be heard and supported if you wish to progress your career.

Consider joining the team at Colosseum Dental UK. We believe our dental nurses are the backbone of the dental practice – so we provide a positive, constructive and proactive space, allowing you to focus on providing all of your patients with excellent standards of care, grow in your chosen career path, and enjoy your free time.

For more information, pleases visit https://www.colosseumdental.co.uk/careers/job-opportunities/dental-nurses



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