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  Posted by: Dental Design      5th January 2023

In recent years, preventive dentistry has become a core focus. A far cry from the “drill and fill” attitudes of mere decades ago, now we understand that it’s better to help prevent problems in the first place, especially if we are to help patients to preserve their smiles for longer.

3M Oral Care has a number of solutions to help professionals provide exceptional preventive dentistry:

Clinpro Glycine Prophy Powder from 3M

Designed especially for the supra- and subgingival removal of biofilm – Clinpro Glycine Prophy Powder from 3M has the longest clinical history of glycine air-polishing powders on the market.* Made with glycine technology, the product provides a thorough but gentle clean.*

It has been proven to remove biofilm in periodontal pockets more effectively than similar products,* and is gentler on dental tissues than conventional methods using curettes and scalers.*

Clinpro Glycine Prophy Powder from 3M can be used on soft root surfaces, dental restorations, dental implants and around orthodontic brackets, making it a perfect solution for a wide array of indications.

Clinpro White Varnish from 3M

A trusted preventive measure, Clinpro White Varnish from 3M with TCP contains the same fluoride, calcium and phosphate components that are naturally found in saliva, helping to prevent decay in high-risk patients.* The formula has been especially created to flow better than other varnishes on the market, helping it to treat those tricky-to-reach spaces with ease.*

Additionally, the varnish supports remineralisation of the enamel, enabling it to be a good solution for those who have already started to experience the first signs of decay. This product is perfect for patients who present with high-risk of caries.

Clinpro Sealant from 3M

Pink when first applied, Clinpro Sealant from 3M turns an opaque white colour when exposed to light due to innovative colour-change technology, meaning that you can place the material with confidence and achieve an aesthetic outcome.*

The sealant provides long-lasting protection against caries in treated areas and is ideally suited for enamel pits and fissures to help prevent further decay, especially as it releases fluoride over time for on-going protection.* 

Clinpro Tooth Creme from 3M

Another option to repair demineralised enamel, Clinpro Tooth Creme from 3M is a daily toothpaste that aids in the prevention of dental cavities and root cavities. Its formula contains the phosphates, calcium and fluoride that are naturally found in saliva, safeguarding against decay while also promoting gentle whitening.*

Plus, its vanilla mint flavour is appealing to both adults and children, so you can recommend the product to anyone who needs assistance with their at home oral hygiene routines.

An option for everybody

With these products, you can reliably provide a preventive option for patients that you deem at high-risk of caries. You can even combine products to ensure that patients have the right level of protection for them, for instance applying  Clinpro White Varnish from 3M in practice and then recommending  Clinpro Tooth Crème from 3M for home use, supporting an ongoing preventive approach.


*According to manufacturer’s data


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