Equipment maintenance: providing certainty where it counts


  Posted by: Dental Design      8th February 2023

Many of the technologies and systems used in dental practices today are essential to everyday life. In fact, a modern practice could be described as a machine itself – a system of many working parts that all collaborate in order to help dentists provide seamless, high-quality care to patients.

However, these parts need attention and care in order to continue to perform at their best. Equipment maintenance, especially for vital systems such as your air compressor, is therefore highly beneficial. Here are the top reasons why you should maintain your equipment regularly.

Extend their lifespan

We all know the chaos that equipment breakdown can cause. Depending on how vital the system is for your daily operations, an unexpected malfunction could have huge consequences, perhaps even resulting in expensive downtime. In turn, this may result in you having to reschedule patient appointments, which is a huge inconvenience for everyone involved.

Maintaining equipment regularly helps to avoid this pitfall. When technicians check a system, they will be able to catch any minor issues before they progress, helping to prevent significant issues or complete equipment failure. For instance, say your air compressor has a slight air leak – a trained technician will be able to identify and rectify this instantly, prohibiting it from becoming a serious problem down the line.

Safety first

In dentistry, ensuring all systems are compliant is vital for the ongoing safety and wellbeing of both staff and patients alike. If a system is not operating properly, this could open the door to potential accidents or injuries and other severe consequences such as the spread of infection – scenarios that are always best avoided.

A good maintenance service will not only ensure that your systems are safe and compliant, but will also provide any necessary certification associated with them. In the event of a CQC inspection, this certification will give you ultimate peace of mind that you have everything you need readily available.

Regular maintenance saves money!

Although regular maintenance comes at a small cost, this is just a drop in the ocean compared to solving a full-scale equipment breakdown. Emergency repairs or even needing to replace a faulty system can both be very expensive. That’s not even to mention the financial implications that come with practice downtime, particularly if the problem is severe enough to prevent you from providing treatment for patients.

You also need to consider that emergency repair services are not always able to promise a fast solution – this could mean even more financial outlay if you have to loan a piece of equipment to get back up and running.

Maintenance ensures that your equipment is always working at its best, meaning that any significant malfunctions and breakdowns are far less likely.

Equipment efficiency

Over time, it’s not unusual for certain systems to start to lose efficiency. This may mean that they take more energy to run, which will also cost you more, especially in this current climate where energy prices are so unpredictable.

Maintenance ensures that systems are always running at their best, helping to guarantee that they remain as efficient as possible and don’t suffer from the general wear and tear that may lead to them becoming more expensive over time.

Making maintenance simple

Of course, maintaining equipment isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. In fact, keeping on top of essential maintenance is often a time-consuming and stressful task, especially when professionals should be dedicating this time to what really matters – providing their patients with an exceptional level of care.

Finding technicians to maintain each of your systems is one thing, but in the event of an emergency this will usually require calling out other professionals to solve the issue – a process that very quickly becomes frustrating.

In light of this, Dental Air Utilities created Air to the Chair – a stress-free, simple way to keep on top of your air compressor maintenance. Designed with complete convenience in mind, Air to the Chair is priced at just £5 per week per chair and includes next-day delivery and installation of a new air compressor. Furthermore, Air to the Chair includes all necessary certification to prove compliance and complete nation-wide breakdown cover from a team of qualified engineers, as well as regular maintenance – everything you need to keep your air supply running smoothly.

Don’t let maintenance be an unnecessary stress

In a fast-paced profession like dentistry, equipment maintenance shouldn’t be taking up your precious time. By streamlining maintenance and using services that take care of all of the time-consuming yet essential aspects for you, you can rest assured that you’re covered in every eventuality. 

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