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  Posted by: Dental Design      9th February 2023

Eschmann is a British design and manufacturing business providing medical, dental and animal health products and services to clinical professionals and organisations around the world. 

When you choose to invest in Eschmann equipment, you’ll always be able to rely on their unrivalled level of customer service, knowledge and product quality.

Introducing the Enbio ‘B’ type autoclaves

Eschmann has recently introduced the new Enbio ‘B’ type vacuum autoclaves to their portfolio. These innovative systems are the world’s fastest sterilisers, ideal for swift handpiece sterilisation, making them the perfect system to work alongside your larger autoclave model.

The range includes the Enbio and the Enbio PRO, both of which offer an outstanding performance. These autoclaves are able to complete cycles in as little as 7 minutes (7 minutes for Enbio; 9 minutes for Enbio PRO). Wrapped instruments take between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the temperature and load. The Enbio PRO has a load capacity of 0.8kg, and is able to hold up to 16 instruments, while the Enbio is able to hold 0.5kg and up to 8 instruments per load. The Enbio PRO can also accommodate the most popular implant cassettes.

As well as handpieces, you can sterilise smaller loads quickly, increasing your practice’s efficiency and saving you money, as you’ll be keeping your inventory of handpieces to a minimum. The ability to sterilise unwrapped instruments swiftly makes the Enbio autoclaves ideal in times of emergency, when you require a sterilised instrument for immediate use.

In addition, the Enbio range features the Enbio Magic Filter. This allows you to operate up to 1000 cycles on just 1 litre of reverse osmosis (RO) or demineralised water, helping you decrease your water consumption. The Enbio range also comes with USB cycle logging, which helps to reduce time for your staff when undertaking the required daily/weekly tests.

Enbio autoclaves blend seamlessly into the background, as they are incredibly quiet, operating at a volume no louder than an electric toothbrush. The compact design means they can fit easily into any type of dental practice, even one with limited space.

Depend on Eschmann

Included in Eschmann’s comprehensive portfolio is the Little Sister SES 3020B vacuum autoclave, which is able to perform both ‘B’ and ‘N’ type cycles, accommodating every type of instrument and load. Its 23-litre capacity chamber also allows for more instruments to be processed at one time, promoting practice efficiency.

The Novaerus units from Eschmann are scientifically proven to safely inactivate all airborne viruses and bacteria on contact, with their patented NanoStrike technology. These units are safe for 24/7 operation, even around the most vulnerable and have low running costs.

For purified water, Eschmann offers their Reverse Osmosis (RO) System, which is suitable for connection to all mains cold water supplies and offers WRAS compliant backflow protection. The RO System is cost-efficient and convenient, compact enough to fit into available cupboard space.

The Enbio ‘B’ type autoclaves join Eschmann’s impressive portfolio, providing a fantastic solution for quickly sterilising handpieces as well as your dental instruments.

To find out more about the Enbio ‘B’ type autoclaves, visit the website or get in touch with the team today.

For more information on the highly effective and affordable range of infection control products from Eschmann, please visit or call 01903 875787


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