The Oral Microbiome – should we be talking to our patients about it?


  Posted by: Dental Design      8th March 2023

Waterpik® is delighted to present a new webinar on 21 March, with dental hygienist Lottie Manahan discussing the oral microbiome. She will explore what has become a hot topic in dentistry over the past few years, discussing what it is, how it affects patients and what can be done to maintain balance.

Delegates joining the session will also cover:

  • The oral-systemic connection, linking oral microbiome to gut and systemic health
  • Dysbiosis and how to identify it clinically
  • How to achieve symbiosis
  • How to communicate all this to patients

Lottie is a practising dental hygienist in London’s Harley Street, with special interests in prevention and minimal intervention dentistry, as well as sustainability. To join Lottie and colleagues for this interesting session, register online today. 


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