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  Posted by: Dental Design      9th March 2023

Around 80% of people claim to brush their teeth at least twice a day. However, when it comes to interdental cleaning, only 21% do this regularly.[i] This suggests that generally, patients are unaware of the need to clean interdentally. This is troubling as around 40% of the teeth’s surfaces are interdental and so brushing is likely to be insufficient to achieve proper oral hygiene.i Encourage patients to clean interdentally each day to help maintain their oral health and protect against caries and periodontitis.

Interdental cleaning is integral for maintaining oral health. TANDEX offers patients the ultimate combination of FLEXI interdental brushes and PREVENT GEL for the best possible clean.


TANDEX is committed to facilitating excellent oral hygiene for everyone. Products from TANDEX are specially designed to offer optimal oral hygiene results, and prevent the development of oral diseases.

TANDEX is dedicated to providing quality solutions to dentists and their patients, with products including the FLEXI, WOODI, PREVENT GEL and WASH & PREVENT mouthwash. Choose TANDEX for quality, reliable options for your patients’ oral health.


TANDEX offers a range of interdental brushes which includes the FLEXI. This range of interdental brushes is available in 11 different sizes, so you are sure to be able to find the perfect fit for your patients. This will ensure that your patients are able to achieve a thorough interdental clean every day.

When it comes to interdental brushes, it is important to get the size right. Patients should be able to choose a size which fits each of their individual spaces, without ever forcing the brush through the space, or feeling that it is not cleaning sufficiently.

TANDEX also offers a FLEXI ULTRASOFT range which has very soft bristles. This range is especially suited to orthodontic patients. The ULTRASOFT range is available in 4 sizes, helping patients find a size to suit their interdental spaces.

For all TANDEX brushes and tools, the size variations are clearly indicated on the box, which display both the ISO and PHD (passage hole diameter) numbers, making size selection easy for you and your patients.

Plus, patients can utilise the FLEXI EDUCATOR tool to help to remind them which size brush they should use in each interdental space. This helps patients to keep on track with their oral hygiene.

Supporting patients to achieve excellent oral health

Show your patients how to use their interdental tools effectively, to help them achieve the best possible clean every time. It is also very important to show patients which size interdental tool is appropriate in each of their interdental spaces to ensure they understand how to properly carry out interdental cleaning.

It is recommended that patients insert brushes gently, so as not to damage their gingiva. Then move it in circular and horizontal movement to remove all debris. It’s also important to rinse the brush before moving on to the next interdental space.i


TANDEX PREVENT GEL is an excellent addition to your patients’ daily oral hygiene routine. When used in combination with a FLEXI interdental tool, TANDEX PREVENT GEL elevates your patient’s oral hygiene routine.

Simply advise patients to apply the gel to a FLEXI interdental tool to help strengthen the enamel and provide a lasting antibacterial effect. It is formulated with 0.12% chlorhexidine and 900 ppm fluoride – an excellent combination for lasting protection for caries and periodontitis.

Not only does it offer your patients an excellent clean and long-term protection from oral diseases, but it is also non-abrasive and pleasant tasting, for an experience they will love.

By selling products from TANDEX in your dental practice you can help patients take the best possible care of their teeth and gums, as well as unlock a new revenue stream for your practice. Recommend the combination of TANDEX FLEXI and PREVENT GEL to your patients to ensure an effective clean as well as long-term prevention.

For more information on Tandex’s range of products,
https://tandex.dk/ or visit the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TandexUK

Our products are also available from CTS Dental Supplies https://www.cts-dental.com/ and DHB Oral Healthcare https://dhb.co.uk/

[i] https://www.dentaid.com/en/dentaidExpertise/2733/the-importance-of-interdental-cleaning-in-daily-oral-hygiene

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