Which autoclave is right for me?


  Posted by: Dental Design      21st March 2023

Eschmann is proud to be one of the leading names in autoclave innovation, having provided the dental industry with outstanding autoclaves for over 60 years. With Eschmann, you have the choice between several high-grade models, all expertly designed with innovative features to meet the needs of every dental professional.

Little Sister SES 3020B and Little Sister SES 3000B

 For practices who have a higher patient footfall and who would prefer a ‘B’ type autoclave, the capabilities of the Little Sister SES 3020B will be best suited to your business.

Features include:

  • The choice between ‘B’ and ‘N’ cycles – this means every type of load can be processed, with the 23 litre capacity chamber allowing more instruments to be sterilised at one time. You can also sterilise porous and hollow instruments. 
  • Microprocessors independently control and verify each cycle. So, if you have a small dental practice, but offer a variety of treatment options such as dental implants, endodontics or cosmetic dentistry that utilise various types of instruments, the Little Sister SES 3020B will offer you the most benefit. 
  • With this and your daily/weekly testing, you are granted the peace of mind that you are always compliant to HTM01-05/SDCEP guidance.

The Little Sister SES 3000B provides the same benefits as the Little Sister SES 3020B, but:

  • With a 17 litre chamber, making it suitable for businesses who do not need to process as many instruments per load

Little Sister SES 2020N

For dental practices that do not require a vacuum cycle, the Little Sister SES 2020N non-vacuum unit is ideal. It features:

  • A 17-litre chamber that accommodates 5 standard trays
  • Includes rapid cycles with active drying to ensure that the instruments are sterile and dry, ready for immediate use or packaging.

The Little Sister SES 2010 provides the same benefits as the Little Sister SES 2020N, but:

  • With an 11 litre chamber, making it more suitable for practices with limited space.

Trust your Eschmann autoclave

All Eschmann autoclaves are designed to be reliable and efficient, helping to reduce the strain on the dental team. You can also support your Eschmann equipment with the Care & Cover service offering, which provides everything you need to keep your equipment compliant and working reliably.

Every dental practice will have different needs and requirements – get in touch with the team today to find out more about equipment for your decontamination room from Eschmann.


For more information on the highly effective and affordable range of infection control products from Eschmann, please visit www.eschmann.co.uk or call 01903 875787



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