Printable flyer from Fit-Lip to remind patients to carry SPF lip balm

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  Posted by: Dental Design      31st March 2023

If you’ve ever arrived at your ski resort only to find you’ve forgotten an essential piece of kit, you’ll know how it can scupper your plans. Not only is it inconvenient, but you’ll probably end up spending a small fortune replacing it.

Unfortunately, one essential piece of kit people often forget is SPF lip balm as there’s a common misconception that you only need it for a beach holiday. However, the sun is very strong at high altitude and the snow is super reflective – a phenomenon known as the albedo effect.

UV radiation from the snow is just as harmful as the heat from a tropical beach and this is especially true during ski season when the air becomes much drier and the sun reflecting off the snow can be very intense. All too often, skiers remember to pack protective goggles for their eyes and sunscreen for their face, but forget their SPF lip balm. However, they shouldn’t be fooled by snowy weather.

So, download this flyer to give to your sporty patients as a reminder that they need to pack SPF lip balm to keep their lips hydrated and healthy whilst on the slopes. By carrying a lip balm with SPF/UVA protection they will stop the sun’s rays from causing damage and keep their lips supple and soft.

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