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  Posted by: Dental Design      4th April 2023

Dr Matthew Kettley is a general dentist who has been using Kiroku, the digital note taking platform, since 2020. He discusses his experience of using it so far:

“Keeping meticulous notes in general dentistry is essential for two reasons. The first is legality, and the second is having a thorough record that you can refer back to about each individual patient to assist with their care. This includes details of their previous visits, the plan for their upcoming appointment and beyond, along with any conversations you’ve had, and any concerns the patient has expressed.

“Due to the litigious world we live in, many dentists practice dentistry defensively. I therefore think that the majority of dentists focus more on recording notes which cover them legally, rather than recording patient-specific details. This is a real shame, because the latter is more useful and more beneficial to patient care.”

Matthew discusses the challenges presented by note taking in a busy practice:

“Time is definitely the biggest problem in a busy practice. Notes take time, and they can be boring and repetitive so, after a long appointment, it can be tiring to go back to the computer and write up notes. It’s even more challenging if you haven’t had time to write notes during the day, because you have to wait until the end of the day and you can’t always remember every detail. Accuracy is greatest immediately after the appointment has finished.

“My biggest concerns when writing notes are that they fulfil all legal requirements, and that they contain everything I would like them to include to help me keep a thorough record. Being able to do this in good time is essential.”

Kiroku allows you to take complete and accurate notes 60% faster. Matthew describes his experience of discovering and using the platform, and how it has improved his day-to-day work:

“During the COVID-19 lockdown, when practices were closed and I wasn’t working, I saw that Kiroku had developed a system which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and a clicking system, so I decided to try it. It caught my attention because I work in a couple of different practices – the fact that Kiroku works on a web browser, allowing me to move my notes between practices, was instantly attractive to me.

“Even though you can send off your existing templates to be curated by the Kiroku team, I decided to spend some time setting mine up myself. I’m really happy with my templates, and I tinker with them constantly, always editing and improving them which I really like.

“Kiroku has made my clinical day so much easier. Note taking is now much quicker, and I am able to complete the vast majority of my notes as I’m seeing the patient or just after the patient leaves. Not only are my notes quicker to write, but they’re better and more thorough. Plus, all the legal aspects are taken care of, like the conversation about perio and oral hygiene. This allows you to spend more time on the more nuanced aspects of the appointment, like the patient’s concerns, and the individual conversations you’ve had. This makes referring back to notes straightforward, helping me greatly when preparing to see returning patients, as any discussions we had are immediately obvious.”

Matthew shares his experience with the Kiroku team so far:

“I have always found the Kiroku team to be really helpful. I’ve been keen to give feedback via the website if I have a query, and I have consistently received a response within 20 minutes which is useful.”

Because Kiroku has improved his workflow, Matthew has recommended the platform to colleagues:

“I showed Kiroku to my colleagues at one of my practices, and they all use it and enjoy it now too. In one of my practices, the dental nurses are keen to use the platform as well, and they find it easy to fill out the sections they can, which is a great help in a busy practice.

“I would recommend Kiroku to any general dentist. I think it’s a game changer. If you’re not using it, you’re losing out.”

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