More than a standard chlorhexidine solution


  Posted by: Dental Design      20th April 2023

Perio Plus+ solutions are so much more than your standard chlorhexidine oral hygiene products.

They are specially formulated to offer all the advantages of chlorhexidine, while minimising the risk of taste disturbance. The products are also enhanced by the addition of CITROX® – a naturally-derived bioflavonoid – to provide even greater antimicrobial benefits than chlorhexidine offers alone.

Perio Plus+ products are also free from alcohol to avoid dry mouth symptoms and contain PVP/VA, which creates of a barrier film over the teeth and gums for longer-lasting protection.

The portfolio includes mouth rinses, gel and toothpaste, providing solutions for short- and longer-term use. To find out more and discover which solution could be of most benefit to your patients, visit the website today.


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