Philips launches e-commerce platform for dental professionals


  Posted by: Dental Design      17th May 2023

Philips announced it will be moving its online store for Dental Professional customers to a new in-house e-commerce platform. The company hopes the convenient access to its portal will help practices manage, optimise and grow their business.

Thanks to this new business to business platform, customers will be able to navigate through their Philips account and look at details from purchase right the way through every stage to post purchase.  They will also be able to benefit from exclusive promotions and access to marketing materials, but also gain from a more streamlined approach with order management tools, returns management, account management and invoicing, all available through the portal.

Customers will also be able to take advantage of a number of additional features including real time availability, fast ordering, and commonly ordered items which can be placed directly into their shopping cart, or they repeat a previous order.

Beside the personalised customer dashboard which will help practices review stock availability, track recent orders, download marketing content and view their financial information, a dedicated customer support hotline will remain available to help with any questions customers might have, either by phone or via a web form.

Account data will migrate to the new platform without customers having to do anything, for their convenience and ease.

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