Powerful but gentle whitening toothpaste


  Posted by: Dental Design      10th June 2023

15% off Billion Dollar Smile purple toothpaste until 31st July

How many of your patients want whiter teeth and a brighter smile? Probably quite a few – so recommend Billion Dollar Smile purple toothpaste to give their smiles the boost they need this summer!

The unique solution contains natural ingredients to deliver powerful benefits while being gentle on patients’ mouths. Papain enzymes from raw papaya fruit fight staining, while brightening purple pigments conceal yellow tones for a whiter smile. Xylitol – a naturally occurring sugar – also offers anti-plaque benefits, while fluoride and 60% more hydroxyapatite has been added, compared to the original Purple Polish, to promote remineralisation for superior protection against caries.

Plus, the toothpaste is cruelty-free, peroxide-free and vegan-friendly. 

Help your patients achieve smiles of up to 4 shades lighter using a natural product they can trust – discover Billion Dollar Smile purple toothpaste today!


For more details, please visit billiondollarsmile.com, call 01480 862080 or email orders@billiondollarsmile.com

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