Keep your practice and patients safe with Lara XL


  Posted by: Dental Design      28th June 2023

The Lara XL autoclave from W&H provides you and your patients full protection.

The device offers extra capacity with its 28 litre chamber, fast type B cycles, and energy saving Eco Dry technology. The Lara XL offers an optional fast cycle upgrade, allowing it to sterilise 2kg loads in 25 mins, and provides a larger loading capacity than other models, with 6 large trays and a unique rack to increase your options.

You can also benefit from the EliTrace traceability upgrade. This advanced documentation system allows you to monitor each instrument and kit, without the need for any additional technology.

For more information on Lara XL, get in touch with the team at W&H.

To find out more visit, call 01727 874990 or email

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