Improving oral hygiene for fresh breath


  Posted by: Dental Design      17th July 2023

Poor oral hygiene results in a myriad of oral complications, including bad breath. Oral malodour can lead to social exclusion and embarrassment. What can patients do?

The gold standard of oral hygiene – brushing twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste – can be supplemented with a high-quality mouthwash, like The Breath Co oral rinses.

These solutions were formulated by Dr Harold Katz, who created The Breath Co oral rinses to help his daughter’s halitosis. The formula is pH-balancing and doesn’t strip the mouth, or leave a harsh afterburn.

When used every 12 hours after brushing and flossing, The Breath Co solutions fight bad breath for 24 hours.

Encourage good oral hygiene in your patients and recommend solutions that work – to find out more, visit the website today.


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