Perio Plus+ is more than your standard chlorhexidine mouth rinse


  Posted by: Dental Design      18th July 2023

Chlorhexidine has long been the gold standard ingredient in mouth rinses and other oral hygiene solutions, helping a wide range of patients prevent or manage periodontal disease.[i] [ii] Effective against a variety of pathogens, chlorhexidine causes bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects, as well as inactivation of enveloped viruses via cell membrane permeability. It also disrupts the cellular membrane of fungus.[iii]

However, chlorhexidine in some product formulations has also been associated with some negative side effects, such as disruption to taste and staining. To minimise the risk of these ramifications and ensure your patients can maximise on the benefits chlorhexidine offers, choose which products you recommend to them carefully.

The Perio Plus+ range of mouth rinses offers a unique solution that your patients will love. These are designed and manufactured by Curaden – the leading oral health expert that believes in gently but effectively enhancing dental health through Swiss innovation. 

Utilising nature

People are now more conscious of the products they use than ever before, with a strong preference for more natural ingredients over harsh chemicals. Perio Plus+ solutions have been designed with this mind and utilise citrox – a bioflavonoid found naturally in the grounded pith and pulp of bitter oranges. This, alongside the already clinically-proven chlorhexidine, offers powerful anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. The patented CITROX® substance is combined with polylysine amino acids to further enhance the product’s efficacy and prolong its working time for even greater protection for patients.

The Perio Plus+ Forte and Regenerate oral rinses also contain xylitol, which is a naturally-occurring sugar found in plants. It has been associated with various oral health benefits, including reduced risk of dental caries and the ability to reverse the effects of early caries.[iv]

Meeting various patient needs

Perio Plus+ mouth rinses are idea for short- or longer-term use, helping patients to manage acute dental problems or optimise their dental health pre- and post-treatment. All the products in the portfolio are free from alcohol, which can be advantageous in avoiding the dry mouth associated with some other, alcohol-based solutions. All the mouth rinses also contain PVP/VA, which offers mucoadhesive properties that allow the creation of a film barrier over the teeth and gums for longer-lasting protection – up to 12 hours when combined with xylitol.

In addition, the range includes two toothpastes, which bring many of the benefits from the mouth rinses to patients during their twice daily brushing. The full portfolio includes:

  • Perio Plus+ Balance mouth rinse – for everyday protection and suitable for longer-term use, contains sodium fluoride for additional protection against caries
  • Perio Plus+ Forte mouth rinse – contains the highest concentration of chlorhexidine and is ideal for short-term use, either pre- and post-surgery or to treat acute issues
  • Perio Plus+ Regenerate mouth rinse – contains hyaluronic acid to encourage tissue regeneration and treatment-related dry mouth, for short-term use
  • Perio Plus+ Focus gel – for accurate and direct application to inflamed gingiva for targeted treatment, contains hyaluronic acid to support tissue regeneration and healing
  • Perio Plus+ Support toothpaste – an effective alternative to normal toothpaste for daily brushing in the short-term, supporting treatment for acute dental problems. Contains sodium fluoride to further protect from caries and hyaluronic acid to support tissue health 


More than a standard solution

The Perio Plus+ product range does more than your standard mouth rinse, gel or toothpaste. All solutions have been enhanced by gentle, natural ingredients and innovatively formulated to offer as many benefits to oral health as possible, while minimising the side effects associated with other products. The combined strength of chlorhexidine and CITROX® means that patients enjoy protection against a wide range of pathogens, as well as reduced taste disturbance and a pleasant flavour.

As such, Perio Plus+ could be just the solution you are looking for to help your patients reduce plaque, fight infection, enhance tissue healing and improve their oral health. Though it makes the most of the gold standard antimicrobial, chlorhexidine, it does so much more than other solutions on the market. To find out more, visit the website or contact the team today!

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