A comprehensive oral health solution


  Posted by: Dental Design      25th July 2023

The Perio Plus+ range of solutions, available from leading Swiss oral health specialist, Curaden, consists of mouth rinses, toothpaste and a gel. Each product is formulated with chlorhexidine and CITROX® to deliver superior antimicrobial protection compared to solutions with chlorhexidine alone.

The portfolio consists:

  • Perio Plus+ Balance mouth rinse
  • Perio Plus+ Forte mouth rinse
  • Perio Plus+ Regenerate mouth rinse
  • Perio Plus+ Focus gel
  • Perio Plus+ Support toothpaste

Whether your patient requires short-term support for acute dental problems or longer-term protection from pathogens, Perio Plus+ provides an answer. Find out more from the experts today.


For more details, please visit www.perioplus.com/uk

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