A mouthwash solution that ticks every box


  Posted by: Dental Design      5th August 2023

How many of your patients complain of oral malodour, even when they maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine at home?

Perhaps the products they’re using aren’t as effective as they think.   

The Breath Co oral rinses are clinically shown to fight bad breath for 12 hours. Solutions are dentist-formulated, created by a professional who was seeking a solution to his daughter’s bad breath. The formula is alcohol-free and pH-balancing, so there is no harsh afterburn or stripping of the mouth.

With the right products, patients can enjoy good oral health and long-lasting fresh breath – consider recommending The Breath Co oral rinses today.

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For more information about The Breath Co, please visit http://www.thebreathco.com/  

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