Interdental care for every patient


  Posted by: Dental Design      9th August 2023

Interdental brushes have the potential to be effective in any patient’s oral hygiene routine, and the FLEXI interdental brush range from TANDEX is adaptable to every patient’s needs.

Available in 11 different sizes, the FLEXI range provides brushes that can fit exactly into different sized interdental spaces. Patients with fixed braces can also make use of specially designed tapered brushes that support thorough oral care.

FLEXI interdental brushes have a flexible handle and brush to access all areas a toothbrush cannot reach. Not only will your patients’ teeth be clean, but the FLEXI interdental brushes massage the gums to promote blood circulation, keeping their gums healthy too.

Your patients can also benefit from PREVENT GEL from TANDEX, which is easily applied to the interdental brushes like toothpaste. Its fluoride and chlorhexidine content strengthens the enamel and provides an antibacterial effect.

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