Goodbye to xerostomia, hello to comfort and care!


  Posted by: Dental Design      12th August 2023

Xerostomia is one of the most prominent issues in an elderly generation’s oral health. The Xerostom range from Oraldent provides expansive and effective care by hydrating, moisturising, and helping to protect your patients’ mouths for a lifetime.

Xerostom is proven to increase salivary flow by up to 200%,[i] minimising common difficulties with swallowing, speaking, or eating. It also provides effective protection against decay-causing bacteria, with specially designed products available that contain xylitol to prevent caries and tooth decay.

The toothpaste and mouthwash contain fluoride, allowing for a seamless integration of the Xerostom range into a patient’s oral hygiene routine, whilst successfully protecting the enamel. Sensitive teeth are combatted with a specially measured potassium content in a number of Xerostom products, for optimal patient comfort.

A mouth spray, pastilles and a substitute gel are also available for an immediate impact, no matter your patients’ preferences.

For more information on the Xerostom range, and how your patients can maximise its potential, contact the Oraldent team today.


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[i] Ship, J. A., McCutcheon, J. A., Spivakovsky, S., & Kerr, A. R. (2007). Safety and effectiveness of topical dry mouth products containing olive oil, betaine, and xylitol in reducing xerostomia for polypharmacy‐induced dry mouth. Journal of oral Rehabilitation34(10), 724-732.

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