The CPS Prime – comfortable interdental cleaning, everyday


  Posted by: Dental Design      16th August 2023

Interdental cleaning should be part of every patient’s daily routine.

With CPS Prime interdental brushes, by Swiss oral health expert Curaprox, they will find it easy to do, comfortably and efficiently.

The CPS Prime range delivers many advantages. The brushes have long, super-fine bristles which open up just like an umbrella to sweep debris and bacteria from interdental spaces.

With different sizes available, all colour coded for convenience, you can help patients create a tailored regime.

They’ll also love the innovative click handle system, which means they only need to replace the brush tip – less avoidable waste and better value. These are robust and durable tools which will last a long time.

For dentists and DCPs, there is a chairside box containing useful resources, including samples.

Motivate your patient in optimised oral health with Curaprox and the CPS Prime.


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