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  Posted by: Dental Design      29th August 2023

Interdental cleaning is a vital part of a good oral hygiene routine – but how many of your patients actually do it properly? Or do it at all?

iWave interdental brushes from Oraldent are a simple, yet highly effective solution. Flexible brushes allow your patients to clean around their teeth, with a plastic-coated surgical wire to ensure the teeth and gums are protected. Even those hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned thoroughly. Products are colour-coded for easy selection, and also come with hygienic caps, making iWave interdental brushes ideal for those on the go.

Interdental cleaning doesn’t have to be a pain – with iWave interdental brushes, your patients can enjoy healthy teeth and gums, with none of the fuss usually associated with flossing.

To find out more about iWave interdental brushes, get in touch with the team today.


For more information about the iWave range of interdental brushes, please visit Oraldent.co.uk, call 01480 862080 or email info@oraldent.co.uk


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