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  Posted by: Dental Design      6th October 2023

Implant care that is patient led is straightforward when you can provide the answers in one pack.

The Curaprox Implant Kit lets you do just this. Your patients can utilise the Perio Plus+ Regenerate Mouthwash, harnessing the power of chlorhexidine and the all-natural Citrox® for effective care immediately after treatment.

When appropriate, they can select from three specially designed tooth brushes for delicate care. The CS Surgical has extra-fine filaments that are ideal for cleaning around post-operative inflammation; the CS 708 Implant toothbrush is the perfect answer to “I can’t reach that bit”, for comprehensive coverage; the CS 5460 is especially gentle with ultra-fine and densely packed Curen® filaments, so sensitive areas aren’t aggravated.

Site-specific care? The Implant Kit has you covered with the Perio Plus+ Focus Gel, for pinpoint accuracy and the ever-brilliant combination of chlorhexidine and Citrox® to take on localised pathogens.

Plus, with the included interdental brush range, patients can take action with multiple sizes to fit their specific needs.

To learn more about the Curaprox Implant Kit, and the handy Patient Implant Care Booklet that’s included, contact the team today.

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