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  Posted by: Dental Design      10th October 2023

It’s easy to underestimate the true impact that essential equipment malfunctioning can have. Take your air compressor, for example – it’s not a piece of equipment that you probably think about often, but if it were to stop operating properly, then you’d likely have to close your practice until the issue is sorted.

This will have a number of implications.  To understand the full impact that equipment breakdown has and why downtime should always be avoided, it’s important to explore these consequences and see why protecting your equipment is so vital.

Equipment failure disrupts patient care

First and foremost, we have to examine the impact that practice downtime has on patients. We all know that the treatment experience for patients is directly related to how they feel about the practice as a whole, and nurturing this relationship is an important part of creating patient loyalty.

In a climate where demand for appointments is high and people may already have to wait a long time to receive a time slot, the last thing they want to hear is that their visit has to be rescheduled because the practice has experienced equipment failure.

This is a highly frustrating situation for all involved. However, for patients, this situation could lead to them making a complaint, or, in a worst-case scenario, looking elsewhere for dental treatment.

Time is valuable

Time is one of the most valuable resources in dentistry. When a practice is running smoothly, every task of the day will have a perfectly allotted time, allowing you to achieve what you set out each day while also providing exceptional care.

Equipment breakdown instantly disrupts this routine. The time spent finding an emergency engineer and waiting for them to arrive is bad enough, but there’s also no guarantee that the engineer you chose will have availability that day, the result of which could be a full day’s closure of your practice. This means time away from patients, and needing to reschedule multiple appointments and other important commitments.

A financial hit

While patient comes first, dental practices are still a business. Emergency engineer call outs are rarely cheap, and you also have to factor in additional costs such as labour and any parts that may need to be ordered.

Furthermore, missed appointments and closing your practice will have financial repercussions, too. If patients can’t receive and pay for care, this will impact your profit and cash flow.

Again, if your reputation is impacted by your practice closing unexpectedly, this can potentially affect your profitability in the future. If a patient decides to receive treatment elsewhere, you’ll be losing their custom. But they may also tell their friends and family to seek treatment elsewhere, too, or leave a bad review which could influence other people’s decisions.

Safeguard against equipment failure

As you can see, safeguarding against equipment failure is essential for many reasons. Despite this, finding a maintenance contract that suits your individual needs isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to a system like your air supply.

Booking in regular maintenance and finding the time to ensure this equipment is in perfect working order is often time-consuming in itself, and this can fast become an inconvenience for busy professionals.

That’s why thousands of professionals across the nation have turned to Air to the Chair from Dental Air. Priced at just £5 per week per chair, this policy includes next-day delivery and installation of a brand-new air supply, as well as regular maintenance, 24/7 breakdown cover and all the necessary certification. There are no hidden costs, and installation and service visits are arranged to suit your schedule, helping to safeguard against equipment breakdown and ensure minimal disruption to your business. Plus, if your system does malfunction and need repair, and the engineers are unable to fix your system on site, they will loan you a solution until the problem is solved, so you can still continue with your day uninterrupted.

Minimise your disruption with high-quality protection

At the end of the day, equipment malfunction happens, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t minimise the chance of it happening, and have a safety net in place in case it does.

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Michael George Bio

Managing Director DentalAir UK

With over 40 years’ experience within the compressed air industry and following a long association with static industrial equipment, DentalAir UK was founded in 1997 by our managing director Michael George. DentalAir UK was developed with the importance of clean air for patients as a priority. Michael is a leading expert within the field of medical and dental compressed air and was a key advisor when approached by the NHS to assist in writing the specifications outlined within the HTMs; to which all practice compressors should currently be compliant.

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