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  Posted by: Dental Design      15th October 2023

Dr Richard Grey uses Kiroku to take comprehensive notes while working across multiple settings including a Community emergency dental service. He describes his experience with the digital note taking platform:

“Trauma is stressful at the best of times, patients are worried, and we deal with scenarios we don’t see often. Kiroku takes you through the appointment logically, step-by-step, offering relevant guidance. This is also useful if a dental nurse is helping take notes, as they know that nothing will be missed or duplicated.

“Kiroku has made working between different settings much easier, it is such a helpful tool! It is always improving, as the team regularly implements new updates. Kiroku Docs, for example, is a new addition which generates documents (i.e., patient letters, consent forms etc.) based on clinical notes.

“I used to spend ages writing notes in the practice, and staying late was a major factor in me leaving my full-time general dentistry role. According to my own Kiroku dashboard, I have saved 446 hours of clinical time in a little over a year.”

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