Dental Therapist transforms career with support of Clyde Munro


  Posted by: Dental Design      18th October 2023

In a remarkable testament to dedication, passion, and professional growth, Bronagh Wishart, 27, has successfully transitioned from a dental therapist to a fully qualified dentist, working within Fort William’s M&S Dental Care.

Wishart, already a respected and experienced dental professional, was driven by her desire to provide high quality dental care to the local community and a passion for ongoing professional development.

Having completed an intensive retraining program at Aberdeen University, Bronagh has now earned the title of Dentist, armed with an advanced skill set that includes diagnosis, treatment planning, and the execution of a wide range of dental procedures.

Bronagh credits the encouragement of her colleagues in M&S Dental Care and the wider Clyde Munro group for supporting her through the transition.

On the decision to retrain, Bronagh said: “I went back to university because it was the next logical step in my career development. I constantly want to be bettering myself and pushing the limits of what I think I can achieve.

“Although I already had a detailed understanding of the community’s dental needs through my previous role, the decision to retrain was a huge personal challenge.

“Luckily, I was heavily supported by my colleagues at M&S Dental Care and by Clyde Munro as a whole. They provide so many additional training opportunities, especially for newly qualified dentists like myself.”

Wishart has continued her personal development mission following her transition to dentistry, recently completing Clyde Munro’s Best Foot Forward training programme aimed at newly qualified dentists.

Bronagh said: “Taking part in Best Foot Forward has been so rewarding– in dentistry you must constantly be looking to improve your skillset and understanding of the industry.

“The course provided a really comprehensive overview of the industry, delving into developments in digital dentistry and AI, as well as looking at the staples like record keeping, workflow and working in general practices.

“I also found the programmes’ focus on the business side of working in a dental practice and how to manage self-employment, really interesting. It’s something that is new to me in this role and the advice and support given has been invaluable.”

The course, which is delivered in three in-person educational sessions, helps support those at the early stages of their dental career to successfully build their knowledge of the dental industry, and thrive within their practices.

It also provides the opportunity for newly qualified dentists from across Scotland to come together and form a strong support network as they navigate working as fully qualified dentists for the first time.

On her experience of the training programme, Bronagh said: “It offered a refresh on a lot of topics, and it was great to hear from Clinical Lecturer John Cameron, who taught me at Aberdeen University. He offered lots of priceless advice on how I can move forward and succeed as a dental associate.

“It was also great to connect with people at the same career stage. There was a real sense of community between all of us and we have continued to stay in touch and support each other through all the challenges we face in the first years of our career.”

Clyde Munro operates across Scotland providing routine and specialist dental services for NHS and private patients. The group appoints over 250 clinicians and 600 support staff and is committed to the recruitment and retention of talented dental professionals across the sector.

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