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  Posted by: Dental Design      19th October 2023

Chairsyde receives national recognition for empowering patients

All dental and health care providers have one thing in common – a desire to deliver exceptional patient care. To achieve this, now and in the future, several challenges must be overcome. In dentistry, some of the biggest obstacles are the lack of patient education and access to care. The good news is that technologies to help clinical teams combat these issues have been developed and are already revolutionising the professional workflow.

One such solution is the state-of-the-art Chairsyde consultation platform for dentists.

Chairsyde is a pioneer in improving patient education, helping individuals to visualise their oral health status, treatment options and associated risks in a way patients can understand, using patient-friendly dental animations and annotations. The technology empowers patients to actively participate in the decision-making process for more integrated and successful care. The platform instantly sends post-consultation summaries to patients as well, which helps them to recollect and review the proposed treatment and associated risks in their own time. Not only does this enhance informed consent, but it also encourages patients to confidently engage with their dental health.

National recognition

The impact that Chairsyde has already had on patients in the UK has been recognised by professionals, companies and leading organisations across healthcare.

Chairsyde was the ONLY dental organisation to be recognised as part of the ‘Celebrating 75 Years of the National Health Service’ nationwide campaign. This prestigious accolade is a testament to Chairsyde’s ability to support patients in enhancing their oral health, improving access to dental services in an innovative, highly effective and convenient way.

One of just 75 organisations to be commended by the NHS – including those within and outside of healthcare – Chairsyde is being celebrated for the innovation that it affords healthcare now and will continue to offer for the next 75 years. Given the breadth of companies involved with facilitating the delivery of NHS services, it is an extraordinary achievement for the organisation.

Loven Ganeswaran, Founder of Chairsyde, commented:

“We are incredibly proud to have received this recognition from the NHS. It is a symbol of how passionate we are about delivering a technology that caters to the needs of dental professionals, while genuinely enhancing the care that patients receive. Already a widely used technology in the private dental sector, it is a privilege to be the only dental organisation celebrated by the NHS on its 75-year anniversary.”

Designed for all

Of course, Chairsyde is for every dental practice – NHS, private and mixed. By educating patients on their dental health and any proposed treatment options – including all the associated benefits and risks – the technology boosts treatment acceptance and revenue. It also gives you peace of mind as shared decision-making and contemporaneous consultation tracking help to mitigate potential medico-legal risks.

Such a tool is fantastic for any dental practice looking to grow its patient base and provide quality care. Plus, well-informed patients who better appreciate their oral health and accept their own role in decision-making, are more likely to be satisfied with their experience and less likely to make complaints.

This cutting-edge technology enables you to stay ahead of the curve, by facilitating patient communication both in the chair and during remote consultations.

A passion for patient-centred healthcare

Chairsyde has been designed and developed by dentists to reflect efficient and patient-centred dental care. It doesn’t matter what kind of dentistry you provide or how you deliver it, this technology is changing the game when it comes to engaging with patients. Its recognition by the NHS is just one of the many accolades supporting its proven effectiveness in supporting patient care. Your patients deserve the best, so do you!

“I would highly recommend Chairsyde, it’s world-class. And I have tried sending an email to myself and its very informative – simply superb.” – Dr Hiranya Fadia, 8 to 8 Dental 

“Chairsyde allows us to better educate patients on their oral health and dental treatments with the use of easy-to-understand videos. Treatment uptake has risen and patients feel much more well-informed about their treatment. We cannot recommend Chairsyde enough.” – Dr Amira Mathew, Edmonton Village Dental

“Chairsyde helps us to put the patient firmly at the centre of everything by using a bespoke suite of animations, videos, content and tools, taking patients on a complete journey of understanding their proposed care.” – Dr Alan Clarke, Paste Dental

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