Revolutionise sterilisation workflows


  Posted by: Dental Design      11th November 2023

Secure and safe sterilisation is paramount in your reprocessing workflows, and you shouldn’t settle for second best. Instead, choose the Lyla steriliser from W&H, the smart and fast option for your practice.

Due to the unique upgrade concept with activation codes, Lyla offers the option of upgrading to a B type cycle, giving the possibility to sterilise all instrument types, including hollow bodies, whether wrapped or unwrapped.

Luckily, optimal performance can be simple. With a 3.5’ colour touch screen and an intuitive user interface, your processes are made easier and faster. Lyla’s ergonomic design lends itself to fitting almost anywhere in your practice, to accommodate and improve your existing workflow.

With the optional traceability upgrade, you can monitor and store data remotely using a Wi-Fi connection, so it is always in reach.

Find W&H online to learn more about how your reprocessing workflows can be upgraded to meet your needs today and in the future.

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