Interdental brushing, for a clean mouth at every age


  Posted by: Dental Design      29th November 2023

With your support, people can continue to maintain good preventive habits as they get older.  

Cleaning interdentally, along with twice-daily brushing, will enable elderly patients to thoroughly remove plaque from between their teeth, to reduce their risk of disease.

Demonstrate how easy this is to do, with CPS Prime interdental brushes from premium Swiss oral care brand, Curaprox.

Help them select the correct size; the range has options to clean even the narrowest space, gently, with a single movement. Just once, in and out, and they’re done.

The click system means they can only need to replace the old brush – simply click it off, and click the new one on. Less cost, less plastic waste.

At every age, dental health is crucial for health and wellbeing. With CPS Prime interdental brushes and Curaprox, patients can optimise oral hygiene and their daily routines.

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