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  Posted by: Dental Design      5th January 2024

With Kiroku Docs you can generate dental documents from clinical notes in just one click

Have you worked out just how much time you spend every day writing patient letters, referrals and pre-treatment consent forms? We have! You spend about 35% of your time, or roughly 14 hours a week, generating clinical documentation. And around three of those precious hours occur outside your regular working hours.[i]

Time for a change

 Dental professionals can save valuable time and streamline their documentation processes by using Kiroku Docs. This latest feature from Kiroku, the digital AI assisted note taking platform, enables dental professionals to generate dental documents such as patient letters, clinician referral letters, and pre-treatment consent documents from their clinical notes in just one click. This transforms a task which would ordinarily take hours into a few short minutes. Each document template pulls in the relevant information from the clinical notes so that nothing has to be written twice. The system helps reduce the risk of errors when copying and pasting, and rewriting information, from your notes into documents. You can also add pictures, links to websites or videos. Even if you don’t write your own documents, it saves your dental nurse time and effort too.

Kiroku has created ready-made templates – which adhere to communication and record-keeping best practice – for you to amend, with the ability to set up your own templates to adapt to your individual needs. These templates only need to be set up once and can be shared within your practice to ensure consistency too. Coherence is key in creating professional and visually appealing documents. Using templates ensures the same format, fonts and styles are used which helps to maintain a unified and joined up brand image. Having pre-designed templates for various types of documents can be a huge time and effort saver. Using templates can streamline the document creation process.

While there’s usually never one size that fits all, Kiroku Docs is different. Just one set of notes can create multiple documents! That’s right! Whether you’re writing to a patient about their proposed endodontic work or referring them on, Kiroku Docs can generate the appropriate letter using the information documented in your notes. So, one set of notes can generate any combination of documents.

Mind your language

Because you communicate with a wide range of people, Kiroku Docs can translate dental terms into patient-friendly language, helping you to improve communication with your patients. For example, the notes might say ‘Caries: UR4 DO’ but the patient letter will interpret that as ‘There is decay affecting your upper right, first premolar tooth.’ And for other parties, might read ‘The patient has decay affecting their upper right, first premolar tooth.’ Kiroku Docs really is that clever.

Good communication with patients helps build a stronger relationship, so the ability to send them tailored follow-up documentation after a visit is a real boon. You often relay a lot of information during an appointment and some patients might find it hard to remember. From the clinical notes taken, Kiroku Docs enables you to send a variety of helpful documents:

  • A letter explaining the findings of the appointment
  • A letter detailing treatment options
  • An information leaflet about the treatment/condition and how to manage it

Documentation sent to patients matches what’s in their clinical record, so this reduces the chance of complaints or litigation too.

The documents you create can be shared easily as well – emailed or printed out. Saved as a PDF or as a Word doc. It’s up to you. If you send a document via Kiroku as a tracked Doc, you’ll be able to see when it’s been read. You are also able to share Docs directly with your patients, other clinicians, or your wider practice team from within the Kiroku platform.

Kiroku Docs helps to reclaim your time and streamlines your documentation processes – all at the click of a button. Effective, efficient and expert. For more information about how Kiroku can help you in your practice, get in touch with the team today.

To find out more about Kiroku, or to start your free trial, please visit : https://trykiroku.com/?utm_source=probe&utm_medium=trade_media&utm_campaign=brand

[i] Joukes E, Abu-Hanna A, Cornet R, de Keizer NF. Time Spent on Dedicated Patient Care and Documentation Tasks Before and After the Introduction of a Structured and Standardized Electronic Health Record. Appl Clin Inform. 2018 Jan;9(1):46-53. doi: 10.1055/s-0037-1615747. Epub 2018 Jan 17. PMID: 29342479; PMCID: PMC5801881. [Accessed November 2023]

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