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  Posted by: Dental Design      8th January 2024

Sensodyne, the number one dentist recommended toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth[2], is unveiling an industry-leading innovation with its new, premium Sensodyne Clinical White range. Using Sensodyne’s most advanced whitening technology, the range is scientifically proven to whiten teeth two shades whiter*, whilst also providing 24/7 care for sensitive teeth**.

Now available for dental and pharmacy professionals, Sensodyne Clinical White comes in two variants which will address two specific patient needs. The Sensodyne Clinical White Stain Protector helps protect teeth from future stains**, while the Sensodyne Clinical White Enamel Strengthening is clinically proven to strengthen enamel. The innovation has been backed by five clinical studies which prove effective whitening.

When it comes to whitening, dental professionals acknowledge that they sometimes offer procedures they know impact sensitive teeth[3]. With 86% of people with sensitive teeth wanting whiter teeth and 50% experiencing sensitive teeth when using whitening products[4], the Sensodyne Clinical White range specifically targets both patient needs with just one product. Containing sodium tripolyphosphate, the Triple Action Formula offers 7x better stain removal***, while working to repel stains from the tooth surface and prevent new stains from forming. For patients who choose to have professional whitening, the Sensodyne Clinical White range can help them keep their teeth free from stains post the procedure****, and manage their sensitive teeth before, during and after it.

Dr Kate Fabrikant, Medical Lead Northern Europe, Haleon, said: “We know that when patients are looking for a toothpaste, whitening benefits are often prioritised over other issues like sensitive teeth[5]. At the same time, half of the adult population experience sensitive teeth when whitening[6], so there is a clear need for a product which delivers against both demands. Some whitening procedures can cause sensitive teeth, so we created the Sensodyne Clinical White range specifically for sensitive teeth, whilst delivering our most advanced whitening technology to polish teeth and lifts stains. Dental and pharmacy professionals can use this innovation to help give their patients the whiter teeth they deserve.”

The carton, cap and tube are also all fully recyclable across both variants, as part of Haleon’s wider mission to develop solutions for all product packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2030[7].

Sensodyne Clinical White Stain Protector and Enamel Strengthening are now available to patients in Morrison’s and Boots.



*After 8 weeks twice daily brushing.

** With twice daily brushing.

***Compared to a regular toothpaste, following 8 weeks twice daily brushing.

**** Start using at least 2 weeks before the whitening procedure.

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