Health literacy in the fight against dental caries

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  Posted by: Dental Design      9th January 2024

It has been estimated that 41% of working-age adults in the England don’t fully understand or make use of everyday health information. Health literacy is directly linked to health outcomes and service use, so it’s crucial that public education be enhanced.[i]

Chairsyde is a state-of-the-art consultation platform that is designed to help dentists do just this among their patients.

It offers a library of animations that clearly and easily communicate a broad range of dental conditions and diseases – including dental caries – as well as the treatments associated with them. The videos cover the risks of disease progression, in addition to the benefits, limitations and potential risks of all recommended therapies, encouraging patient understanding for long-term health benefits and improving the quality of their consent. 

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[i] Public Health England. Local action on health inequalities. Improving health literacy to recue health inequalities. September 2015.

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