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  Posted by: Dental Design      22nd January 2024

A late-night Instagram scroll led Savannah, GA dentist Steven Berwitz to discover the advantages of Kiroku, the AI digital note taking platform. He’d been using a voice dictation service for his notes and was frustrated that it did not have a dental vocabulary.

Kiroku was a revelation.

“The pre-made templates were a big help in the initial stages of using the software. Being able to click through my notes is such a time saver and that is a big deal,” he says. “The AI picking up changes that I have made and suggestions helps too. Overall, anything that can keep my notes detailed and quickly entered is a plus.”

He highlights the time saving in chart writing as the main benefit to his practice so far:

“If you are looking to have your notes concise, orderly and detailed and save time in the process, then this is for you!”

Steven has already recommended Kiroku to a number of dentists. “When I have shown them what it does, they are really impressed. I fully believe in this platform and believe it can assist other providers as well.”

For more information about how Kiroku can help you in your practice, get in touch with the team today.

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